Good things about christianism and smile- balance weekly

Greetings blogfriends. How have you been this past week? I have been lurking at your blogs, some of you saw me there, some i just spied on silently. I have to say once again, how grateful i am to have you in my life. You enrich it in so many ways. Either we have a strong connection, or we have never spoken to each other, i learn so much from you, your magical practices, your lives, your thoughts. You have helped me so much just by reading your words and i hope that mine will do the same for someone out there one way or another.
I begun this post wanting to write about something else entirely and then it struck me. What is important. What is it that we do. What is it that we try and hope to do. Shed light into the darkness. This week i had an e mail in my professional webpage(for those of you new here, i am a psychic). The mail was titled urgent! So i opened it and it was "explaining" to me how i am a Satan worshiper, will burn in hell and listed for me churches i should go to if i wanted to repent for my sins. I ignored it, felt a little bad for that person. I believe you are lost if your spiritual journey is about judging or even converting others. But this post's purpose is not about intolerance but the opposite. It is about being receptive and accepting the heterogeneity of humanity. So, to bring a little balance to the world i answer to fear with love. I am Wiccan, i worship the Goddess, i am a witch, but here are the things i like about Christian Orthodox religion.
I love the incense and the numerous candles(well, dahh!) and the smell of beeswax. I appreciate the fact that priests try and in a lot of cases help people by listening and offering advice. There is a monastery and a small church that always felt safe and warm to me. I also believe it is beautiful that before Easter everything is decorated with flowers. I really love the sound of bells and Virgin Mary as a deity(although not considered one) has a special place in my heart. And last but not least there are two traditional greek deserts that have a religious purpose and i really like. One is a cake you bake and then put under your pillow so in your dreams you can see the person you are supposed to marry and another one is some sort of granola with pomegranade that we eat at funerals. We call them coliva. I understand that the things i engoy the most have pagan origins or are things we do too(or are food!lol), but i am a pagan what did you expect?
I connect with many practices of many religions and i do not allow the way other people feel change the way my heart works. Christianity has many positive qualities. I named just a few that came to my mind that i really like. This week's balance weekly theme is not about christianity of course! It is about acceptance of ourselves and others. Letting go of feelings that hold us back in the way we interact with people. It is about being more positive.
This week i challenge you to do this simple task. Smile at least once everyday at the reflection of your mirror. And also smile at least to one stranger! Brighten their day and yours. Shed light to any dark thoughts you have about yourself or others. Do not allow other people's perceptions, feelings and issues to drag you down. Make a great change by making a small smile! Free yourself and let your spirit soar!
Be blessed, be loved and be very, very happy!


Judy said...

Very good aspirations... all worth a try... Thank you for your encouragement...

Urban Earthworm said...

Great post, and a great way to deal with that email. My only religious intolerance is for that sort of behavior.

I was raised Christian, and there is still a lot I love about it. I love the teachings of Jesus (though not always the way they are twisted), even though I don't believe he was God.

I have Roller Derby tonight, so I'll be smiling at lots of strangers!

Anonymous said...

ah Georgina, if only there were more of you!

Thanks for this post. I'm one of those people you were thinking of - your words right here have some significance to me right here and now. I'm pagan to the very depths of my heart. My Gods have my heart and they always will, it's like a tatoo that nobody can see. But your post is one of many little things that is urging me to look a little closer at Christianity. I don't know why it's important that I do, but when the universe sends you a message it's usually a good idea to listen. Thanks for being the messenger ;)
Nellie x

Magaly Guerrero said...

What a lovely post Georgina. Life is always better, much sweeter… when we focus on the good and not the ugly. I’ve had a few of those emails; some from people who one would never believe were so close to me because they don’t know me at all. Check out “Blinkered Beloved Blood” if you get a chance (http://pagan-culture.blogspot.com/2011/05/blinkered-beloved-blood.html). The note at the bottom of the poem explains why I wrote it.

I love the energy that flows out of this post: accepting, but firm. What else would I expect? You are a Witch ;-)

Farmer Jen said...

I was baptised Greek Orthodox as a baby, and I have attended many different Christian churches growing up, but now as an adult I rarely go to church. I do remember and enjoy the same sensual things that you mention though: the incense, the candles, the flowers, the bread, the wine, the Greek celebration foods.

I am technically Greek Orthodox, but I guess I am really more Pagan in practice. I feel close to nature, the heavens, the animals and Spirit. I too, am psychic, but not professionally. Always trying to improve my skills.

Great post. I love your blog.

Grammy said...

I really like that you send back love. I am on a path of spirit now. I normally do not speak of religion. As there is so much judgment as you speak of. Here where I am the church you describe is catholic. There is plenty of magical roots in this religion. I have studied. Many different ones. I was christened at age 16 and married at age 19 as a catholic. And I find Christians do attack and try to convert you when they hear you are one. But I respect all and do not share with many what I believe. I have said I am a tree hugging catholic pagan Jewish Buddhist. I feel people should just learn to get along and love each other no matter what.
I am still mediating. And feel I am now connected to my higher self. But wish I could here my guides. There is so much I would like to say. But prefer not not do it in public. I will say I love all the magic there is in this world. We are very lucky when we can see it for our self.

Urban Earthworm said...

"Letting go of feelings that hold us back in the way we interact with people . . ." MAN do I EVER need to learn this. Ugh! Lovely post.

I gave you an award over at Cheap Wine and Cookies: http://cheapwineandcookies.blogspot.com/2011/05/versatile-gritty-and-unpretentious-ill.html

apinkdreamer said...

wonderful post!!!! i looove it!

Grammy said...

Just wanted to stop by and let you know I was thinking of you. Have a great week.
E :)

Sherry )O( AutumnTurtle said...

First, thank you so much for the love you left on my blog, I wanted to email my thanks but your post didn't link up with an email.
I love this post, I will try on Thursday's to do a little self loving and balancing! Thank you again, you really cheered me up
Brightest Blessings!