The dreadful omellete!

My mind these days has been a little all over the place. It kind of still is. I am thinking one moment a potion i want to make to boost someone's confidence and the next i am thinking about my boyfriend. I can not stay focused on a simple task and i am always focused. I can not dig deap enough to find the reason behind all that. It can be that i am overworked or something astrological, or parapsychological. This is the main reason i have n't been around for almost a couple of weeks. I have been thinking of going back to school( i have taken a break from it for about a year). I like school. School for me is kind of a hobby- vacation thing. I learn about stuff and i get to meet new people. I do not stress over taking my degree because i do not intend to use it( there goes the hobby thing). I visit libraries and study courses that are interesting, instead of staying home and working(there goes the vacation thing).]
In greek universities attention is not mandatory and it is free. So you can take long breaks and not mention it and fail as many courses as you want. Ironically enough, there is not a "greek" system in Greece. We do not have fraternities and sororities. Which is a shame, cause it seems like a lot of fun..Unfortunately our last goverment -and current one- decided that the one great thing our nation had, which is free education, had to be destroyed,so i do not know for how long i get to keep my "hobby". I hope i have n't bored you with meaningless details about my life,or given you a headache from jumping around from one subject to another, but that is what blogs exist(not for the headache part!).
Just now my boyfriend was cute enough to bring me dinner that he made. It was horrible! I have no idea how you can screw up an omellete that bad, but i had to swallow and smile! I did not want to hurt his feelings especially since he was so considerate and caring!!!I have to go before he sees what i wrote. Blessed be**


KeKe said...

I've been feeling the same way...scattered and unable to focus. I wish I knew what was causing it, because I'd shoot it! lol

Bitsa Lit said...

Im with ya on the unfocused bit. I really just want to take a vacation...I dont even care where lol!
I hope you get out of your funk...and I hope your boyfriend learns to cook lol! But its the thought that counts loL!!