If it harm none....

If it harm none do what ye will. Right? It is simple. But what if you know someone is going to misuse an information you will give and harm him or herself? My psychic practice is all about helping people, but i can not lie. I am probably not making any sense but the last couple of days my wiccan path and my psychic "ethics" are giving me a headache! I know what you think, there is no such thing as psychic malpractice, and you can not help someone who just won't help him-herself. Everyone is entitled to his own share of mistakes(hell, i know i am). It is the way we grow and learn. So, should i lie to protect someone from selfdestruction? I did not. If universe gives me information i shall pass it on.
When it comes to spells and potions our choices are clear. No love spells, at least not the ones that would create love, no offensive spells. Our craft should be about love and light and so it is rather simple to know where to draw the line( most of the times). The kind of dillemas we are facing though are not always about our craft. Our life can be so complicated. For example. I know a great kid. She is now 16 and she comes from a long family tradition. When her boyfriend broke up with her she casted a spell for him to never find love. Which is probably the worst kind of curse anyone could imagine. As wiccan my choices were clear. Help the boy, guide the girl. If i were n't wiccan i would probably try to stop her from future similar activities. But binding no matter what your intentions are, is wrong. Crystal clear. But giving someone informations that she will probably misuse is filling me with self doubt. But all i can do is explain to her how this will eventually heart her. That is all. My goal is to guide and not to make decisions for other people.
I am rambling and if you read all this you must now fill dizzy!Sorry about that. I have to start meditating again. It will help me keep a straight line of thoughts.So mote it be..hopefully!


KrisMrsBBradley said...

I've never been in a situation like that, but it sounds like you made a very wise choice on how to proceed. Guiding someone young must be very satisfying (and difficult!).

Bitsa Lit said...

All you can do is live according to your inner self. I dont think you are one to make compromises with your path and that alone should tell you that you are doing it right.
Guide yes, but once you pass on your guidance it is up to her to see what will happen if she does not lose the negativity in her life. All you can do is try to guide but some people will not have it.
Just know that whatever happens is not your fault. If she does not listen to you then she is a fool for passing up great advice, but alas..free will eh?
Peace and Happiness

Tracy ~ The UnOfficial Witch of Ridgewood said...

You know that you can only guide her. The karma she generates from her actions will be her own. Perhaps, this is to be a learning experience that she is meant to go through. As far as her boyfriend is concerned, as we all know, not all magick works, as much as we'd like it to. I wouldn't stress about it to much. Just remind her that the "three" in the Threefold Law is just a guideline and that its not uncommon for what we put out, to come back more times than we ever expect them too.

greekwitch said...

Thank you guys. I found true comfort in your words. Your support is so helpful. Love and blessings!