The craziest esbat of all!

Tonight i have been restless! I went to sleep with a cracked window and for hours i heard a dog crying! It was awful! I got up and said to my boyfriend:" i am going to find it". He raised the sheets over his head to show me the annoyance he was feeling and to make me understand that he would not follow me to my wild dog chase!! I went out, followed its cries and I found it rather easily! It was trapped in an abandoned reck of a home. I called the fire department and they could not help me. Then i called the police and after a looong talk i convinced them to send a car to my location. It took them about an hour(ok, i do understand they had better things to do, but i was alone in a dark alley, in front of a creepy place!) to come. When the policemen arrived they explained to me that since i do not want to suit the owner of the dog i would have to wait till the morning and then call animal protection services! My response was: Since i can not break and enter in there while you are here, leave and i will do it myself! And they did! My opinion about authorities changed radically! I was alone again in the dark. I embrassed my self, took a deep breath and climbed on the balcony because the main entrance was unreachable( it was not high) and i found a metallic door with shattered glasses. I put my hand through the broken glasses(i did not get heart!)and found a door knob! I opened the door! The difficult part was over, or so i thought! But then i got really scared. I live in the suburbs and i have never seen a place like that!It was awful.It seemed like drug addicts lived there!And finally i saw him! The poor dog was so scared.I have no idea how he found a way in. When i earned his trust i took him in my arms and set him free. When i jumbed off the balcony i think i heard steps! Then i ran. It might sound lame to you but this is definitely the most adventurus night i have had in my life! And never a stupid thing felt so good! Unfortunatelly the dog was too scared and since his feet touched the ground he ran! I left food and water there and i hope he will come back and find it! My adventure begun at 2 am and now it is past 5 and i am way too wired to fall asleep!I usually write about magick but i felt i had to share the whole thing with you! Besides magick has led me to him. Blessings and love to you all!


Tracy ~ The UnOfficial Witch of Ridgewood said...

Crazy? Nooooo! You were amazingly brave. You didn't know what you would find when you entered, yet you push your fear aside to help the soul of another.

I would say it was a wonderful Esbat!

Bitsa Lit said...

Good on ya for that! More people in the world need to be animal friendly and willing to do something about the ones that need help...and Im not saying go be a vegetarian or anything drastic, but they need to be more willing to step up to the tasks like you did. Great job!
Gods bless!