Autumn blessings

Blessed Mabon everybody.  Today I have been really busy so I didn't have a chance to celebrate like usual,  but I did do something major!  Look! I am so happy!


Leanna said...

Brightest Blessings my dear. Isn't it wonderful?!? I love Autumn and it's finally here! After I performed my ritual this morning I started tearing apart the house looking for my Journey and Eagles CD's. I'm listening to them right now as I go crazy tearing into my Autumn decorations. I seem to have tapped into an energy field when I made my circle this morning. I really don't want this feeling to end now, it's so exhilarating.

Debra She Who Seeks said...

Oh, that sacred triple spiral tattoo is gorgeous! I love it!

angela said...

Very pretty
I missed ostara this year. The days have flown by
Having a little one around the house again does that lol
Brightest blessings xx

Magaly Guerrero said...

It is beautiful, Georgina. And so very you! ♥♥♥

baili said...

awesome tattoo dear,have a blessed fall ever

Magic Love Crow said...

I'm sorry for being late to your blog! Autumn Blessings!
WOW!!!! I love your tattoo!!! I want a tattoo. Probably next year! An award for going to the gym! LOL!
Thanks for being you Georgina!
Blessings and lots of love!!!
I have to ask, did it hurt?