Boring alert... Crazy mom post!! Keep out!!!

So, big day today.

My little witchling 's first day at school.  You see, I had plans. She wouldn't attend for another year.  She would be with me for another year.  But she wanted it so much! She kept asking for it. And when I left her she did not even look back. She found a friend she made yesterday and held her hand. And I cried my eyes out! Should n't it be the other way around, me telling her to go and her crying?
I am worried sick. I had all these things on my mind that could go wrong. The teachers having too many children to watch over, sick kids that would cough on her, hygiene issues in the toilet and the kitchen, and intolerance issues since she would be one of the few non Christian children if not the only one. And my worst thought of all, aggressive children that would come after her. She is so mellow,  and caring.  She grows up listening to classical music and petting her beloved cats.  She has only been in contact with an aggressive child from our neighborhood a couple of times and I have always been there to protect her. The first time he came at her, she was so surprised and scared.
So, yesterday we visited schools and we found a brand new one, that had just opened its doors. That only has two more students and a whole set of teachers. That everything is clean and pretty. That they don't mind  the crazy helicopter mom visiting whenever she feels like it. That she loved and was so excited to go that she kept waking up during the night to see if it's morning yet.  But that's alright I was awake all night worrying and kept wishing she'd wake up more so I can be with her.
And now I miss her so much and it's only been an hour, three more to go!
I made her chocolate pudding for when she returns and I am tidying up her room next!  This should take a while!


Debra She Who Seeks said...

She's ready to spread her wings in the exciting world of school! And look how she knows herself and what she wants -- that's a good thing. Good luck and have fun, witchling!

Leanna said...

My Goddess! It was only yesterday that you brought her into the world. Time passes so quickly. You'll be fine, before you know it she'll be married and guiding her own little Witchling through life.
Oh don't cry dear, it'll be fine.

Magic Love Crow said...

Awwww, this is so precious!! She is so beautiful! I agree with Debra, she knows herself and what she wants, that is a very good thing! You and your hubby have done so well! Big Hugs to everyone!!!

Hindustanka said...

Hii! Good to hear from you :) I can totally relate to your situation - my little A started his school a month ago. He loved a lot in the beginning but few days ago started having tantrums, refusing to dress up and to go to school... I have very stressed all these days, thinking what might have made him change his mind about school> bad treatment? some kid not good to him? but it happens he has got bored there a little... Because today he went to school absolutely fine, in a good mood, with positive attitude :)yey!
I was the one who actually wanted A to start school because he seemed in need of kiddy communication. I guess parental fears are so natural, we stress out because of kids, because of our own problems, but please don't feel guilt or be sad, if your daughter enjoys being at school - this is so great! :) enjoy along with her ))) Sending best wishes across the globe!

AiringMyLaundry said...

It's always hard when they start school. But I'm glad she's enjoying it! I personally love the quiet when my kids are in school.

baili said...

your lovely post reminded me the first days of my kids's at school specially when i left my eldest one to school i was upset more then him and waited for him eagerly counting each moment .
your princess seems happy bout entering in her new world .
best wishes for and her dear

Magaly Guerrero said...

It is normal to feel this way. But remember that you've made her ready, and that she knows that mom and dad are home to make everything okay if she gets scared. I hope she enjoyed the pudding!

Optimistic Existentialist said...

This is heartwarming :) looks like she is ready to conquer the world!!