Straightening your hair...the witch's way!

So, i do not know if i have mention it here but my hair are very thin and long and curly with a tendency to frizz a lot. During the cold part of the year, in the very humid Athens it is impossible for me to make them straight. I do not like to overheat them, or use any chemical treatments, especially since i prefer them curly. It is the uncontrollable frizz that i could live without.
Last night i made a hair mask with warm olive oil, cinnamon and  honey( i also added castor oil, but you can skip that part) and i slept with it and this morning when i dried my hair like i usually do, they were shiny, straight and frizz free. Plus, the smell fantastic! I do not know yet, how they will react after i wash my hair tomorrow but it is definitely worth the trouble.
After i gave birth, breastfed for 8 months and had various hormonal issues my hair have not been well. I have tried many things but i was always hesitant to do any over night treatments, mainly because of, well...boredom.
I am not going to lie to you. It is messy and sticky and not the best sensation in the world, but sleeping with it is definitely doable. Once again something natural works wonders for me when the expensive hair treatment products i have been given lately as gifts( in a hint, hint, wink, wink kind of way!). I have read that it is supposed to burn at the beginning, but i did not feel anything, perhaps because i did not use cassia but actual cinnamon!
So, if you try it tell me how it goes!!


Leanna said...

I have frizzy hair too. I used to curl it with hot rollers but then it would cause split ends, ugh. Here in South Texas it's very humid. Sometimes I think I can breath under water, it that humid. So I also use the warm olive oil/honey treatment twice a month. I was starting to go bald with my old age and taking one Biotin 5000 mcg soft gel a day solved that problem. My hair was super thin and now it's nice a soft and slightly thicker than it used to be. The Biotin is also great for skin and nails.
I'll have to try adding the cinnamon to my hair treatment. Never thought of that.

mxtodis123 said...

My hair is thin and straight on one side while wavy on the other. I finally got tired of dealing with it and had it chopped off short. I love it. So easy to care for.

AiringMyLaundry said...

I'll have to keep this in mind. My hair gets really frizzy.

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Magaly Guerrero said...

You know my hair lives in Curly Ville, right across from Afro Land. I'm not as earthy as you are when it comes to managing it. I use a cream for curls from Garnier Fructis and a bit of African Hot Six Oils (which reminds me, I promise a post on this). I also must blow dry my hair in the winter or I get sick, sniffling and coughing within minutes.

Now I want my hair to smell like cinnamon. ;-D

Anonymous said...

When my hair was long somebody told me that "warm olive oil" is really healthy for the hair.