Catching a cold, a magical cave and Samhein

So, Melina Nefeli kissed yet another little boy that lives in our apartment building. Actually, she was kissed by him, but that is not the point. Although, she rather enjoys the attention and there is not a cuter sight, especially when afterwards she tilts her head and smiles and he says i love you Melina(i mean come on, how can you put a stop to that?),  he just started preschool and she caught a virus that turned into an ear infection. I had to give her antibiotics. You all know how i feel about antibiotics. The doctor did not share my feelings. Of course, i also caught the bug and i fought it off with teas and tinctures(still fighting to be exact!). I gave her many herbal teas the day before she started the antibiotics, but they were not enough and she was in pain. Now, she is feeling great and she got quite a taste for tea and she is always asking for it, so there is not a spot in our entire home that did not have at some point tea spilled over it. I got rather frustrated that i gave in so easily to antibiotics the first time she caught a cold and that i was not prepared. Now i have  a rosemary and a echinacea tincture on the way, plus i stocked up in herbs and honey, but i can not stop feeling guilty and like a failure.
This is her and her dad. They were doing funny faces but when she realized i was taking a picture she let him hanging.

This is her playing in her room. I was torturing her by dressing her up and accessorizing her. Does n't she look like a fairy princess? 
Yesterday and the night before i was feeling like i had just collided with a running bus, so we did not celebrate All Hallows Eve at all. All i did to be exact was drink teas and go pee. It is a vicious cycle. But, i intend to celebrate Samhein, on its traditional time which if i am not mistaken, on this year falls on the 7th of November. It is the mid point between the Autumn Equinox and the Winter Solstice, on the 15th degree of Scorpio.

  These are some of our decorations a while back.

I would love to visit on that day  a very spiritual cave that has many lores and legends tied to it and that is not a very long trip from here to get to it. It is called Ntaveli cave and conspiracy theorists would have a blast with the fact that the military sealed it down.  It is sort of the Area 51 of Greece. There is also a story about a greek priest that is said to be taken down there by an elevator that supposedly appeared after some rocks  opened up and was lead into a place that was full of doors with the radiation sign on them.  There was an ancient temple of Pana there, as well as many little churches. There is a magnetic field, unexplained little red tornados, sightings of creautures, the small pond of the Nymphs and many other interesting facts about that cave. Although it is no longer possible to fully explore the cave you can still go there. It saddens me that a place with such spiritual and archaeological value has been completely destroyed by the greek government. I will not be able to visit it on Friday due to work, but i plan on going there very soon.  I will let you know what happened there and i will post pictures.
Until then, be blessed, be loved and be very, very magical?


Debra She Who Seeks said...

Sometimes antibiotics are needed and nothing else will do. I'm glad they cleared up the wee one's ear infection!

I've caught a cold too -- from handing out treats on Halloween! Guess I caught a chill from opening and closing the door.

Shadow said...

Glad your little one is better, and I hope you will be soon, too. All Hallows' Eve, and a few days before, and actually still, has me in a strange state of mind. Haven't figures it out yet, surely it will be revealed when I must know...

Leanna said...

She looks so much like a princess in the second picture. Soooo sweet.
I'm not too cool with antibiotics but sometimes for young children they are needed. I'm glad she is better. Hope you get well soon too.

mahler76 said...

Κούκλα η μικρή! Καλή σου μέρα!

angela said...

Don't feel guilty. A mother will always do what helps her child get better and avoid pain. This means you are a great mother. If you keep her immune system healthy the need for antibiotics will be less and of course this is how it's supposed to be. Yes this year it's the 7th November so you still have time. Blessed be xx

Grammy said...

Thanks for stopping by. Miss ya. Sorry I have not been blogging much till now. I do not know if you have what is called Airborne. When my grandson came home sick in Sept. We all took it. He got better faster, and we did not get sick. I went all last winter too with out getting sick. taking this only a few time.
She is growing up so fast.
Oh, Cinnamon cookies sound good too.
Many blessings sent your way.

Magaly Guerrero said...

Medicine and witchery are gifts that should be used when they are needed or available. I never feel guilty about letting the universe do what it can. Sometimes, that means antibiotics.

She is lovely!

Toni said...

I'm hoping that all is well and that you get to Greece soon. Can't wait to hear about your cave visit!