Raising a child in Witchcraft, yule decorations, anniversaries and an update

Greetings blogfriends. How are you? I am recovering after practice and i know i will be sore tomorrow. I have n't been in practice for  more than two weeks. First it was my back and then the cold, then my back again and today i was hurting but i felt i had to go. Melina Nefeli is healthy again although by the end of her antibiotics treatment she had an allergic reaction and it was scary. I had a feeling that it would happen but since after eight days of treatment she was still doing good , i thought it was all in my head. But just before she took her last pill, she started having a couple of red spots in the diaper area. My first thought was allergy but then i thought i am such a worrywart and it was just a diaper rash. But after a couple of hours her whole body was covered in red spots. I have the same problem. It is really hard to find an antibiotic that i am not allergic and even then i can not take them for a long  time and even then i can not take them with other medications.

So, now that we are stronger i am so thankful for everything we have. Especially today, because this is our 11th year anniversary with my husband. Before eleven years we kissed and  half an hour later we confessed each other our love through a text. We were just a couple of very  cute and innocent 19 year olds. We have been so blessed in our lives. I am unbelievably grateful for it.
Usually, we are the last people to decorate for Yule, since we do it on December 21st, but this year it just felt right.to do it early. So, after we celebrated Samhein on Friday i decided we should decorate our Yule tree. And so, this Sunday we decorated the house in a candy theme. It took a bit of convincing to make the baby to stop trying to eat the decorations. She finally understood they are fake.
 She is so fun these days. She makes  a few full sentences and we are constantly surprised by the things she notices. It is such a delight to get to see the world through the eyes of a child. We have not sang to her for two weeks and i can't wait for tomorrow night because we have arranged to sing to her before bed. Whenever we finish a song(or if there is a long pause) she claps her hands and says bravo(well, it sounds a bit more like baafvo to be exact). She is the cutest and most sweet audience i have ever had.
And also she is the most amazing little witchling i have ever seen. She loves it  when we cast spells. She mainly uses the mortar and pestle to crush flower petals and herbs but from time to time she will repeat a few words. On the day of the Solstice she will be exactly 18 months old and i am already a little worried about how i should handle the witchcraft thing. I practice my craft so openly, but how can you explain to a little child subtlety. I want to teach her to embrace all she is but i do not want her to get hurt. 
I am sure i will find the way to balance things and i believe honesty is the best approach. 
So, who else hurried and lit up a tree? 


jaz@octoberfarm said...

happy anniversary! i loved it when my kids were that age!

Debra She Who Seeks said...

Happy Anniversary! Your daughter sounds so adorable. I'm glad she's feeling better again and enjoying your Xmas decorations!