Going to cave Ntaveli, take two.

Last Sunday, we tried. We dressed up the baby as if she was going to the North Pole, packed up food although it is just 10 minutes from here and off we went to find the cave. We went up the mountain but found nothing and on the way home we finally found a half broken sign. We took the dirt road up to where our poor little town car could take us and when we were about to take it by foot the zip of Melina Nefeli's coat broke. By that time the Sun had set and everything was turning into a dark blue colour. So, we gave up and told ourselves we will get there next week. 

Now, we have done everything right. Melina Nefeli is taking her nap really early and we know where to go. But the thing is we are no hikers and i hope the trail is not too hard! So, cross your fingers and think magical cave. I really hope that this time i will have something to share with all of you guys.


Debra She Who Seeks said...

I hope it's a magickal experience after all that scouting you had to do! Looking forward to hearing the results.

angela said...

Good luck. But remember if your supposed to find it you will. But if not well then that's ok too!

Wsprsweetly Of Cottages said...

Dear Rosemary...I read your comment on October Farms post this evening and from the experience of some 56 years of marriage total..43 to one man..and the rest after his death..I would do all three.
I have a feeling you could yell at that man all you want when you are rushing to get everything made on time...and he would not even mind. :)