September and goodbyes.

Greetings blogfriends. How have you been all this time? We found a half paralysed grey kitten, with a torn tail, extremely thin, full of infected wounds and terrified. We nursed him back to health and then he relapsed again and we are fixing him once more. Our frog seems sick, lets hope he gets better. Petros has had a cold. And i think i had salmonella. Except for the kitten we self medicated and are all doing better. My liver is a little stressed out, i will spare you the yucky details of how i know that. My back was killing me but now seems to be doing better. And to top it all off our baby is going through some brutal teething. But beyond all that we managed to have a very productive summer, especially since we did not go on vacation. We fixed the house, preparing for winter. Well, my husband did, i just looked and made ridiculous questions.
We now have a pond in a pot with two goldfish, a clean house, a couple of freshly painted rooms, and we turned our fireplace in a green one. We also cleaned and stored our carpets and organized everything.
My mom sold my first car which was a bit sentimental, especially since i realized that i drove it for the last time when i gave my diploma performance. My classical studies began when my parents gave me the car. I remember driving there and enrolling to classes. I remember the heart aches and the joys and a journey that i am really proud of. My car was my way to escape. I used to take the top down and the wind would make me free.
It seems as if i turned thirty and my life symbolically transformed into something new. Our house is no longer pink, but green, we no longer have sports cars, but a small city car. We no longer have two cats and a dog. We now have three cats, two goldfish and a frog. We do not have a television, we only watch what we decide, without all the darkness and low quality of greek tv. I do not sing any more except with Petros every night. And of course we have a beautiful, magical baby that makes everything look glittery.
Now all that is left is our medical check ups. Baby's is done, she is great. Mine are half done and Petros has  yet to go to the doctor. Also, we have to finish up fixing the fireplace, buy some wood and i have to make myself go to kick box which i dread because of my back. Our programs for the new year(we still think like kids) are set and although September just arrived it feels like life has started over again.
This is the first year of my life that September has come and i do not have school. Yesterday, i was wondering why the skies have turned grey and i do not feel that quickening in my stomach. This inevitable sense of anticipation that make everything seem possible. Tonight i figured out it was because of that. I am no longer a student and it is very unsettling. It was about time i guess, but i sure miss it. Being a Leo makes it difficult for me to let go. I remember how hard it was for me when high school ended. Everyone was celebrating and i was heartbroken.
It always helps to focus on the new beginnings, and i have the cutest distraction of  all times. So, raise your glass to new beginnings. When the moon starts to wane it will be easier to do that. Just a few days till She becomes whole and i finally say my goodbyes.


mxtodis123 said...

I'm sorry for all the health issues you, your family, and your pets have suffered. But it seems you have accomplished a lot this summer. You make me envious as I haven't accomplished a thing. LOL!!!

I, too, am looking forward to new beginnings. Firstly, I love the fall and have been fighting myself not to do my fall decorating. Secondly, I've decided it's time to fight my pain with everything I've got. I've enrolled in a workshop and am looking forward to learning new ways of dealing with things.

Debra She Who Seeks said...

You have been very, very productive despite all the illnesses you are dealing with between you, the baby and the kitten!

The Artful Gypsy aka Wendy the Very Good Witch said...

Hello and happy September to you! I enjoyed the update on your life, I remember well those days of the new baby and animals, of life changing its course and morphing into something new and different. And I too am a Leo and know how change can be unsettling. But there is also something to be said of staying home and getting those needed house repairs and preparations done. It provides a very welcome peace of mind for the days ahead actually. We did the same last summer, before my my Mom's stroke. New carpeting, new appliances, painting etc. And in retrospect, it was a good thing we did it exactly when we did. So I've been trying to search harder for the benefits in change instead of dreading it so....it's not easy mind you, but change is inevitable, so I've started trying to swim with the tide more than against it, ha! I hope you get to feeling better and that everyone will have a lovely autumn to look forward to. Sending you and your family a big hug! :o)

Shadow said...

New beginnings, hunny, what a wonderful chance you have!

Candy for Breakfast said...

Good luck with the baby teething! Mind is growing his last set...finally!