Melina Nefeli's birthday- Wiccaning

Greetings blogfriends! How are you? We celebrated Melina Nefeli's first birthday last Saturday. My baby is not a baby anymore. She walks, she is constantly mumbling and if it wasn't for her almost bold and blond head she wouldn't look at all like one!
We had her Wiccaning in the balcony, because that would be easier for het but it turned out beautiful. She was on our table and her Godmother,her dad and I held hands creating a circle around! We had to let go once because she kept eating our papers(babies these days have no respect for rituals!!). There were four dressed candles that smelled fantastic marking the corners and there were also symbols for each of the elements. We chanted three different prayers, that called upon the elements, elementals ,our ancestors and the Goddess to bless her and guide her.
 She wore a protective talisman of moonstone  that I wore during my pregnancy. Also I made her a wreath out of ivy that she wouldn't wear, so I wore it and looked like a fairy!She would have worn a tutu dress I made her but I can't sew and it was small. So, I removed the tutu skirt and put it over a dress of hers and she was like a tiny princess-bride-fairy. I will show you pictures as soon as I upload them!
The rest of her birthday involved a monster cake I built out of 5 cakes and a pot of icing, being eaten by three adults a baby and two neighbors in less than 24 hours! Now that's an accomplishment! Of course I will show you pictures of that too!
When the evening fell we headed of for down town, where she wemy to her first concert. First we heard classical and then jazz! 21 of June is the European day of music, so the event was wonderful. She loved it too of course! Then we returned home and mom sang while dad played the guitar, like every other night!
She had a lot of fun and so did we. We didn't have a party and that was a great idea!So, how was your Solstice?


Shadow work, mirroring spells and a cake

Greetings blogfriends. I am missed you dearly. How are you all lovely creatures? I am doing better back-wise. I have weekly pt appointments. Two months ago i was able to start slowly working out and now i manage to do on a daily basis a lot of core training, interval spinning, yoga or stretching. I have become a lot stronger and the pain vanishes gradually! I just have to restrain myself from doing any work on the house and from carrying the baby all day.
It is only a week till her first birthday and it is cake time. Which means i have to make many experiments, feed the neighbors and perfect what i will make for that day. I plan to start tonight.
On a magical note. Tonight is the last night of the full moon. Lately i have been doing a lot of shadow work although i usually do it around Samhein. I worked on some of my issues, stress and pressuring myself too hard. But also, i did some mirroring spells, because there was a bit of negativity going around. I send all the negative energy to where it came from. I am usually reluctant with those kind of  spells but this time i felt we really needed that. The house now is so bright, full of love and laughter. I used a lot of mandrake root, belladonna, poppy seeds and labdanum among other ingredients i rarely get to use. And now i can focus all my magical work on greeting the Sun on the longest day of the year.
May you see a lot of fairies and have the most happy Midsummer this year!
Be blessed, loved and free!


I am an effing genious!!

Greetings blogfriends. I have been having some blogger troubles, or perhaps some browser problems. I have no idea what was exactly the issue, the hacker that i am. But, for a long two months, i had the impression i was leaving you comments, but i did not. After i was asked to choose a profile in every single one of your posts and after i always did, i thought that the comment was sent. I discovered noticing that none of you ever responded back that you never got any of it.
There were times i thought i have offended some of you and that you were even deleting my comments! It took my a while, but i got there. I changed my browser, yet again, created a google profile that i thought i had and i am about to irritate all of you by leaving comments after comments!!!!