Shadow work, mirroring spells and a cake

Greetings blogfriends. I am missed you dearly. How are you all lovely creatures? I am doing better back-wise. I have weekly pt appointments. Two months ago i was able to start slowly working out and now i manage to do on a daily basis a lot of core training, interval spinning, yoga or stretching. I have become a lot stronger and the pain vanishes gradually! I just have to restrain myself from doing any work on the house and from carrying the baby all day.
It is only a week till her first birthday and it is cake time. Which means i have to make many experiments, feed the neighbors and perfect what i will make for that day. I plan to start tonight.
On a magical note. Tonight is the last night of the full moon. Lately i have been doing a lot of shadow work although i usually do it around Samhein. I worked on some of my issues, stress and pressuring myself too hard. But also, i did some mirroring spells, because there was a bit of negativity going around. I send all the negative energy to where it came from. I am usually reluctant with those kind of  spells but this time i felt we really needed that. The house now is so bright, full of love and laughter. I used a lot of mandrake root, belladonna, poppy seeds and labdanum among other ingredients i rarely get to use. And now i can focus all my magical work on greeting the Sun on the longest day of the year.
May you see a lot of fairies and have the most happy Midsummer this year!
Be blessed, loved and free!


mxtodis123 said...

Glad to hear you are beginning to feel better. It is no picnic living with pain. Mine never goes away anymore and has become a part of my life. Be careful with yourself now and take advice when given to you. People used to tell me not to carry such heavy bags on my shoulder, or wear more expensive and better shoes, but I did what I wanted. Hey, I'd rather have three pair than one pair. You never think that little things like that will catch you in your later years. Now I am paying the price. It's pouring here with thunder and lightning. No viewing of the full moon for me. Have a great weekend.

angela said...

So happy to hear your feeling better. As you get ready to have your longest day we are getting ready for our longest night. I have been going within a lot lately. And not having anyone else here with me I have been facing all the darkness in my soul. Happy to say it haven't that much left to deal with. I've been on this path for a while xx brightest blessings to your little ones big one year old birthday xxxx

Shadow said...

This combo of the full moon and Friday the 13th had me in such a eerie space last night, can't quite explain, but it was gooood. Like you I've also been introspecting, dreaming and remembering and am enjoying the freedom with it!

Magaly Guerrero said...

Glad your back is doing better. I start my own PT regiment on the 23rd. Let's see how it goes.

Mirror spells are a wondrous thing, and I see why some of us don't use them much. But we must do what we must, right?

Hope the cake experiment is going great.

Anonymous said...

Cake Day Blessings upon you and your youngling. I hope the culinary experiments turn out just as you intend or better. Hooray for lessening pain. I pray you continue to improve. Blessings of love and light on you and all yours.

AiringMyLaundry said...

I'm so glad things are going better!

Toni said...

Sorry to hear that your back is hurting but glad that it is on the mend. I've found that repeating through out the day "I am a specimen of perfect health and well being." I will also repeat it as I fall asleep at night. It's pretty powerful!

First birthdays are the best. Big hugs to baby and wishes for a full and wonderful life!