New Year's Eve

The very last day of the year has started and with it gone, so will be my twenties(not officially till August, but still!). 2013 was very special to me, my life got so much richer(although i definitely got poorer, babies need a lot of stuff!). It seems as if everything is painted a little bit pink. I  feel more free and so much stronger(although on a physical level, sometimes walking is a struggle!).
Since the year is about to change i want to do a thorough cleansing in my home, without any actual cleaning though because my back is killing me today! So today i am going to burn some labdanum and roses and let that sweet smoke reach deep into my soul.
Have a blessed New Year's Eve full of love and laughter!


Leanna said...

Happy New Year my dear. I hope this year brings you greater prosperity, better health and happiness. Smooches!

angela said...

Have a magical new year! The thirties are not too bad. Mine were full of teenagers lol. I miss the days when I would get up and find a house full of teenagers sleeping all over my floor. You have all that to look forward too. I now look forward to weddings and hopefully grandchildren in the next few years. xxx

Debra She Who Seeks said...

May 2014 be even better!