Just a month to go!

Greetings dear  blogfriends! How are you doing this holiday season? These are the first winter holidays that i have enjoyed so much! Being festive with a baby is unbelievable fun! Everything is almost back to normal! My back does n't hurt so much! I am not pumping milk more than 6 hours a day! But between baby and work not much time is left for me to study! I can not wrap my head around it, but the fact is that my singing diploma exam is less than a month away! Just by typing this pure panic takes over! I am so not ready! But the thing is my almost 11 year studies reached their end and soon this part of  my life will be over!  I will miss it terribly, but at this point i am not thinking of making room in my life for classical singing! Singing maybe, but classical singing requires a devotion i just can't afford!
On Christmas day i gave a lot of love to my plants! They were so happy the next day!All this time because of my back i had other people taking care of them, and they were healthy, but all this wonderful energy they used to emanate, was not the same, if there at all. Even my pomegranade tree that used to have four leaved clovers growing underneath it, had only plain three leaved ones! I still have so much gardening to do and i can not wait!
With my exam just around the corner my whole life seems to be on pause. I am not functioning as i should. All this stress has taken its toll on my sleeping and eating. It's only been a week since i stopped biting my nails and i just can't convince myself  to diet!
For me dieting is not about restrictions and denial of certain foods but about planning ahead. It is the way my brain works... if i want to succeed in anything i have to think it through. So, if healthy living is the goal scheduling meals and exercise is the way!
Soon! Life is going to start again soon!


mxtodis123 said...

Your baby is so beautiful. How well i remember those days and the joy I felt when I saw the little ones eyes light up at holiday time. Wishing you all the best for the new year. I just know you will pass your exam with flying colors.

Debra She Who Seeks said...

Wishing you all the best in your exam and in life!

Leanna said...

Melina Nefeli is sooo cute in the Santa suit.
I think you'll do just great on your exam. i have confidence in you,dear.

angela said...

Your little princess is adorable, and she doesn't care care what you look like. So don't diet, get these exams out of the way and enjoy your baby. Belive me they grow way too fast and before you know it your home on your own. Relax and get your groove back and let it all just flow. Have a happy new year.