Get upa get on up!

Dear blogfriends, how are you? I am in a huge battle with myself trying to convience me that hugging a pillow on the couch all day is not healthy living and definitely not spiritual. Yes, i meditate more than ever but is only because it does n't require me standing up. What is up with my energy levels? Next step would be taking my coffee intervenally. Perhaps it is post holidays blues, especially since it is so hot and i miss the sea and the wind. Also, i had the worst period these past couple of days that i had in years, i had cramps that brought me to tears and the ginger teas, the medication and the hot pad did n't help. All i could do all day is focus on my breathing and meditate and every time i lost my concentration i screamed in pain. I think it is time for a gynaecologist appointment. My energy levels, the cramps they all seem hormonal to me.
The thing is i know what to do. I have to work out. It is the only way to feel energised and in control again. But no matter what i visualise, or affirmations i repeat, it has been a week and it is time to stop this nonsense. Sometimes we just need to relax but this is going on for too long now and the lack of exercise is starting to make me feel foggy.
Perhaps this wonderful Esbat and Sabbat that is coming up will get my juices flowing again(that sounded wrong to me, but these days i can barely speak in greek let alone english!). I will bake a berry pie for Lammas and make a beautiful wreath and i will light some candles and thank the Goddess for all She has given us. It will be a simple celebration this one, unless i feel better by then.
How do you guys deal with gloomy feelings and lethargic tendencies?


Pagan community issues

Greetings blogfriends. I am a little frustrated. Whatever i read today is about discrimination. Some people have issues with pagans veiling themselves. Some people have issues with pagans that are obese. The truth is that there can not be love without acceptance and what people do to express their faith or what they eat is noone's business. If we pagans know something, is that spirituality comes in many forms. We get so mad when christians, or people in general do not accept our paths and so many pagans out there are disrespectful of others. Why can't we show our love to each other, no matter what? Why should we accept others only if they do things our way, or look a specific way? Be blessed, be loved and be full of peace.


Life changing decisions caught me by surprise

Greetings wonderful blogfriends! I missed you terribly. But i have been lurking around your blogs, spying on your lives and your words of wisdom without making any comments most of the time. This last year has been extremely productive and amazingly artistic, but as my birthday approaches some things are becoming clear to me. I was on vacation in a beautiful isolated greek island called Mathraki. The beach was sandy, two klms long and we were the only two people on it for most of the time. The water of the sea had a green, blue and gold colour and it was so clear as if in a pool and pretty warm. The whole vacation was an extremely metaphysical experience and the place full of butterflies, chirping birds and a green forest that begun right after the beach was like a meditational creation of my imagination. I could n't ask for a more magical place. I stayed there for ten beautiful days, swimming all day long, hiking in the forest in the afternoons and i meditated every day. When your life so suddenly pauses for a while, and everything else seems to stay still you understand how hectic your ways are. For as long as i can remember, i have been doing too many things at the same time, trying too hard not to fail in any of them. I had to attend the university, my classical singing studies, and work full time. I was always overworked, overstressed living too many lives at once. Then i quit school and my work blossomed and my classical studies went great. This last year with two years left for my diploma, my studies became challenging and much more time consuming than i ever could imagine. I have one year left which i dread and cherish at the same time. But lately, i realised i want a baby. This, me the psychic, i had n't seen it coming. My plans were to take my diploma and audition for singing roles while working. But, i can not be a soprano, a working psychic and a mom. Two of those things would be too much just by themselves. So, the reality hit me in the face when i least expected it. After my diploma and all that work, i would n't sing anymore. It is the end of a wonderful and long journey. But i know i will not regret it. I want a baby. And this is a far more fulfilling journey, for me. I will give my best this one last year. But for once singing will be a hobby. It was never that. But being a psychic, expect that i lead a successful business, fills my every day with magic. I love singing, but in my core i am a witch. It is not just that i love it more. It is who i am. Filling my day with metaphysical activities, working on my magic and connecting with the elements and the Goddess, makes me happy. Makes me feel like i am home. Be blessed, be loved and be relaxed it is summer for crying out loud!