Blessed Esbat

It is a very cloudy night and i can't see Her yet. But i hope you will all enjoy Her. Have a beautiful full moon. I am going to do a healing prayer for my mom because she will be having knee surgery on Monday. I will burn eucalyptus amd rosemary incense and let the fumes carry my message to the heavens.
Blessed be my blogfriends.


Dede said...

Georgina I will keep your mama in my thoughts and prayers and light a candle on Monday for her. Early this morning She was just gorgeous! Hoping for the same kind of weather tonight.Blessings.


Soraya said...

Hi love! I'm so touched that you checked up on me! :) I'm still alive! I promise. I've just been absurdly busy and dealing with a few things that when I think about sitting down to update, something else happens. <3 I'll try to get it updated soon enough though!

The moon is absolutely beautiful as well. :) We had a nice clear evening last night.
Best wishes for your moms surgery!

Blessings and Light!