A gift of magick

Since magic is altering the reality it should not surprise me when it is changing my life. But the feeling is overwhelming, and i am eternally grateful for it. It is molding my very soul into what i am supposed to become and guiding me towards the place i am supposed to go.
In witchcraft it is not just the effects that matter. The sensation of the experience takes your breath away, and makes you feel both more powerful and smaller than you ever felt.
Today i had the need to do something good for my mom and friend of hers and my husband. I just made one magical rosepetal for each of them(i have given you the recipe for it last year). It was not a ritual i intended to do. It was not something new, or elaborate but it was intense and powerful. The feeling caught me by surprise.
I thank the Goddess for it and all the gifts She has given me. And the smells are following me around everywhere i go as if it was spring.
I know i probably am not making any sense to you, but i needed to write this down and share it.
Be blessed my loves, be loved, be cherised, be healthy, lucky and grateful!


Urban Earthworm said...

That is so inspiring. I very much need to do something for my husband soon. Something must be up in the stars the last couple days, though, I have zero motivation.

Grammy said...

That was wonderful. Thanks for stopping by. I do not have access to all the herbs where I live, and sideritis is not in our country. But thanks so much. I already knew of the honeys healing quality's. I have an herb book that helped when I lived in St. Louis. But here in the country, I can not get many things I had available before. And our weather the last few years has made it impossible to grow my garden. So I make do. Many blessings sent your way. :)