A bonfire to remember!

Greetings blogfriends. The Winter Solstice is fastly approaching and i am excited and very well prepared for it. I have hung red ribbons on my trees in the balcony and red bows on the indoors trees. I have made with my family stars out of beautiful paper and stuck them to the walls. I have sprinkled glitter on pine cones and put them in my pots. And a few christmas lights here and there. I have decorated oranges with clove, made wreaths and beautiful pentagrams. But most importantly i am in a festive mood, ready to bake and sing and well celebrate.
But the night of Yule is not going to be about carols. In the darkest night of the year i am going to contact the darkest parts of my psyche. I am going to work on my shadow, acknowledge it and let go of everything that keeps me down. My fears, my weaknesses, my darkest of thoughts will be burned into the fireplace. For that occasion i have collected many twigs, pine needles, herbs, leaves and flowers. For every leaf, or twig that goes into the fire i let go of something that haunts me and gives me pain. It is a process i have begun at Samhein and will be completed at Yule. The first time i did that i had a bunch of natural items to burn in front of me and i remember thinking that i could n't possibly come up with so many things to let go of. A little bit later i found myself searching the house for herbs and things i could also burn. I did not want it to end. The feeling of freeing my soul and letting my spirit soar was nothing like i ever felt before. The Esbats that followed i repeated the process, waiting for that moment of ultimate release, waiting for Yule. So i collected A LOT! of things to go to the fire. For a while there was no room left in the coffe table to put a plate or a glass. My friends thought i have gone completely mad and felt sorry for Petros that had to put up with all the plants and flowers. I thought they were lovely, but everybody else thought it was too much except for a few witch friends that loved the smells, colours and energies.
I guess we are a weird group of people, quirky and perhaps a bit mysterious. But that is part of our charm do n't you think? What have you planned for the darkest night of the year?
Be blessed, be loved and be very very magickal!


angela said...

I hope you have a wonderful wintersolstic. we will be celebrating our summer solstic here. Once the zenith has past I too will slowly start the descent into the underworld and rest and recoup.
blessed be

Soul Journeys said...

I'm new to solstice celebrations but have found your site really informative!

Grammy said...

That is awesome. Wish I was there with you. I love your ideal. I have already freed myself and know the joy that is to come to you. I send you many blessings. And i am with you in thought . Be blessed my friend. hugs sent your way too. :)