Blessed Equinox!

Greetings my wonderful blogfriends. I missed you so much. I am a busy little bee these days and i love every minute of it. Here is a quick update on my life. My conservatory begun. A whole school year awaits me and i already feel tired from the work load. I also signed up for a kick boxing class in my gym and i am sore all over. Business as usual is totally crazy. I barely see my husband because he is constantly working. I brought a few more plants in the house, i guess there was enough space for them. You just have to be very flexible a person to walk across the living room.
Right now my favourite holiday is upon us and i can't wait. I got side tracked with everyday life and i almost missed it, but thank Goddess i remembered just in time. The Autumnal Equinox. I do not know why but except for balance, harmony and all its normal meanings, this time of the year always boosts my creativity, my energy levels and i get more optimistic. The leaves are changing colours, the soil is damp, the air smells of rain and i am in the mood of baking and cleaning. And that says a lot. I hate cleaning.
Tomorrow i am going to celebrate by baking an apple pie. I am going to cleanse my home and body. I am going to write a prayer to the Goddess and Spirits. And since this is the second harvest of the Wheel of the year i will perform a blessing for my business and finances. This is a time to be thankful for what the Goddess has given us and the people in our lives that we love. And last but not least i will make a beautiful wreath out of wild flowers, or my garden plants.
I hope you will have fun and enjoy this beautiful holiday. Gather with family and friends, make small gifts for them, smile and communicate with Nature.
Be blessed, be love and be very, very happy!


Magaly Guerrero said...

Blessings to you too!

angela said...

A happy equinox to you too, here we are having our spring equinox and I am having a strong urge to go out and plant potatoes. I hope your harvest is a plentiful one, just as I hope ours will be this year too.
blessed be

Anonymous said...

Blessed Mabon to you as well! Enjoy the fruits of your labor (your clean house) and all of your Rituals.

C said...

blessed equinox sweetie enjoy the season x x

hope and love said...

blessings to u too :)