The cave and the tummy ache

Greetings blogfriends. I am writing this post from my hotel room. I am lucky enough to be surrounded by mountains and currently staying right across a small farm with some ducks, a few chickens and a beautiful horse which yesterday i fed. I googled what are appropriate treats for her and gave her an apple, a carrot, a few raisings and a sugar cube. By the end of the treat giving i was jumping happily up and down like a little girl. Today i am going to repeat the whole process and i am also going to give her a beet. On the downside, we came here for work and i can not help because something i ate did n't agree with me. The newfound friendship between me and my toilet does n't allow me to leave the hotel room just yet.
But do not worry i am not going to spend the entire post talking about diarrhea. I want to share with you my visit to a huge cave in the area. It is one of the largest in the balkans and it has many different types of stalagmites and stalaktites. I do not have pictures because they do not allow cameras in there. It was magnificent. They said the villagers would n't stay in there because of the spirits inhibiting the place. The only animals living in there are bats and spiders. And although it was majestic and of extreme beauty, i felt unwelcome. Like this place was too sacred for us to be there. At least in the way we were. A group of people caring ice coffee drinks and screaming kids. This ancient cave of 2.000.000 years was only found in the 1940's or so. I couldn't not think it would be better left alone.
We walked 1.1 km in the form of 500 steps. I have to tell you. I did n't know i had it in me. By the end of the route i wanted to die a little. On my defense there was also an old lady coughing her lungs out, so i had good company in my misery. God, i have to work out more! At the end i gave the guide two straws and a sipping cup i found on the ground. She took them saying thanks, but we do have a cleaning crew. How was i supposed to know? This is Greece. I was happy they did n't give us a stalagmite for a souvenir! Of course i stayed at the end of the line so i could secretly say a few prayers and chants for blessings.
Sorry, got to go again... I am back! Too much information huh? Sure, but i am in my favourite town in the world(Ioannina) with the most amazing nature, the tallest trees and a beautiful lake and i am bound to stay in! I have to rant just a teeny, tiny bit! Right? I think it's the crab sallad by the way! Bad idea! What was i thinking ordering the crab salad in a tavern?
Be blessed, be happy and be loved!!


Magaly Guerrero said...

Sounds like you did well by the cave spirits; I'm sure they liked your prayers and were probably happy someone noticed they were trespassing. Sorry about your tummy, hope you leave the throne soon. And smile to the horsey for me ;-)

Diandra said...

Get well soon, and enjoy your time!

Grammy said...

I am sending you well wishes. In our state of Missouri we have many caverns. And it is against the law to touch a stalactite. It will stop there growth. I am so happy for you. I will look up photos of the area. My blog friend Angela (earth momma) is coming to your country to visit this month. I have no clue if she will be near you. But you would really like her. She is from Australia.

Again well wishes and a hug sent your way. :) E

angela said...

Hello Georgina
I am grammys friend from australia. I wish I was able to go all over greece, but unfortunately I am only going to be there for two weeks. We are visiting relatives and will spend most of the time on the island of samos.
I met grammy on line a few years ago and we have read eachothers blogs for a while. She is such a wonderful person.

ξι said...

Καλές διακοπές! Καλή ξεκούραση, να γυρίσεις ανανεωμένη :-))


Unknown said...

I think it's awesome you picked up the litter ; she should have been more thankful!
Feel better soon