Diet,weight gain and my unspiritual approach.

Greetings blogfriends. How are you? I am a little bit stressed right now. Lately i am on a very healthy and light nutrition plan and the last 3 weeks i take 3 to 4 times a week a hard kickboxing class taht last one and a half hour each. But instead of losing weight i gained! I am worried that although i am taking my medication as i should my thyroid is messed up again. Tommorrow i will do the necessary tests. It could just be some water retention. I just got my period after all. But it has been three weeks of no loss and now gain.
So, now i will cut down on salt, drink a lot of tea, keep trying and patiently await my results.
Also i will light a candle to bless my journey as it was the beginning again. I have lost a lot of weight the last 2 years, but i still have a lot to lose. I am currently trying not to get frustrated. When you put a lot of effort you get excited while you wait for the results and dissapointed when the are not what you think of. I do not get emotional about the scale. I have learned that sometimes it takes time to my body to react the way it is supposed to. And so, i have been patient for three weeks and ignored the numbers. But, i should have checked out my thyroid months ago, and with my medical history something could easily be wrong.
I have two hormonal metabolic related issues. Hypothyroidism and polycystical ovaries. It has always been hard to lose and easy to gain but that is ridiculous. I keep telling myself it is going to be okay and that i am going to get there, but right now, i need to hear it from somebody else.
I feel guilty when i get so emotional about it. I am blessed in so many ways. Lucky in so many ways. I should be more graceful about it, but right now i really can't. I know i have a slow metabolism so i do everything known to man to boost it. Small meals every 2.5-3 hours, balanced carbs-proteins, 1200-1500 per day, exercise. I should have done the tests long before. I am always reluctant because of fear.
I feel better now that i talked about it. I never do.
Be blessed, be loved and forgive me for the rant.


Anonymous said...

How frustrating! Hopefully it just some water weight or - far better - muscle gain, and you'll end up burning more calories as a result.

It's brave of you to get the testing done. *hugs* Here's hoping it works out well.

apinkdreamer said...

i have the same problem too with my thyroid! don't worry ,do all the necessary tests and be calm! everything is gonna be ok!

Anonymous said...

I have both hypothyroidism and PCOS as well so I can sympathize with your situation. I think having your thyroid checked is your best bet. Who knows, maybe your meds need to be adjusted. Try not to worry too much about the scale and continue on your healthy path (I know, easier said than done). Both of these illnesses make weight gain almost inevitable and loss even harder.

hope and love said...

i feel you should ease up a bit.. follow balanced diet.. exercise and do the ness tests n then enjoy ur body :). you sound too anxious..

ξι said...

.......a hard kickboxing class.........????
i think i won't be seeing you for a while, then, honey......... :-pp jaja


Soraya said...

*Hugs* It is possible that it's just a combo of water retention and muscle gain. Muscle weighs more than fat.

Good luck! I hope everything turns out to be ok :)

Soraya said...

Oh no, I really hope it's not too big of an obsession and easily shaken off. Just stay healthy about it. You're working with the doctors and everything, It'll all turn out fine in the end :) Just gotta shake off a bit of the crappy stuffs and get over a few hurtles. :) Best wishes!

And heh yeah, Definitely have to love some Harry Potter :)Little sad that there isn't anymore.

angela said...

It could just be that you are forming muscle, thats good as lots of muscle tone speeds up your metabolism.
Unfortunately muscle weighs more than fat. Try not to get down about it. Go by your clothes. are they loose, this is a better way to keep track. keep going you are doing so well.

wanderingbroom said...

awww, HUGGSS!!
Having read your latest entry, I'm glad that your tests came back okay and that everything is settling back to normal. You know, it's very strange but when I was put on thyroid medication, I ended up gaining weight too when the opposite should have happened. Then I went off of it, and felt so much better. You're so beautiful (both inside and out) so when the numbers on the scale are frustrating you, just remember that you have lots of people who love you and care about you (both in real-life and in the blogosphere!) so keep heart and stay strong and continue to do what you're doing! :D