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Greetings blogfriends! Forgive me for the extremely looong title! How are you? I am so much better! I have been taking care of my plants all morning! They are so beautiful! The weather is weird for this time of year, cloudy and rainy but still warm. I have to admit that i love it. I go out to the balcony to drink a cup of coffee and it smells of rain.
This past couple of weeks i have been taking long walks. I have been blessed with some extra spare time and i got a little more aware of the place i live. I appreciate a little better this part of town now. I discovered some extremely beautiful spots and i realised there are some paths i really enjoy walking. I should have done it a long time ago.
I used to live to a quieter, greener place and walk a lot. I went almost everywhere by foot. To chores, to school, to the coffee place, to friends... everywhere. Besides the obvious health benefits, it really helped me relax and connect. Connect with the place, nature, people and animals, the Moon and the Sun and the Air. What is more magical than experiencing the beauty of your surroundings and filling your mind with the smells, the sounds, the feelings and the energy they hold? I needed to get reacquainted with this place. One step at a time.
I am thinking of marking a protective pentagram around my house with runes and the top point will be my home. My mom and i have done it a long time ago around my parents's place. To mark each point we have planted a plant. I was so excited when we did that! I used to go every day and water them for a long time. I think it will be a wonderful ritual for the Summer Solstice. I have n't thought of doing it until i took this walks. Until this place felt mine. Until i felt like the Witch of this place! Under each rune i will leave an offering according to the point and element it represents.
Are you enjoying the place you live? When was it the last time you took a long walk to your neighbourhood, feed some birds, actually smelled the roses? This is this week's balance weekly challenge. To fill your lungs with fresh air and your heart with joy.
Be blessed, be loved and be foolishly happy!
I love you guys,



Urban Earthworm said...

That sounds wonderful. I want to go for a walk right now. The area where we love is so very beautiful, sadly there is very little to walk to.

I love the protection pentagram idea for solstice! But why put the house at the top point vice in the middle?

Judy said...

Sounds like you are finally getting 'home'... like you, I walk a lot of places, but not as much as I should...it's too easy to hop in the vehicle and get there sooner/faster...the flowers are blooming...lovely large iris especially...

Grammy said...

That is wonderful that you learned from your mom. My grandmother was one of knowledge but my mom was not. She was negative in her ways and only said things not to do. I have connected with an aunt who still lived on the family land. It is on top of Williams mountain in West Virginia. I am more than 800 miles away. But by phone. She helped me come up with a mix to stop the itch and pain of shingles. And to ward off unwanted energy to enter my old home. I love hearing of your renewed enjoyment of walking. And very much enjoyed your post. I see we are both almost in Summer.
Have a great week.