Balance weekly-Plants, oh plants!

What is up with blogger lately?? I missed talking to you guys. I hate not being able to speak when i want to, but you probably knew that already about me! How have you been?
You know that lately i have been seeking balance in life, hence the balance weekly theme. Unfortunately, i have been stressing about financial things..everytime i turned on the tv. The economic climate of Greece is..well you probably know all about it. But after of months being...well wise, i decided i should stop. And splurged. And bought even more plants. Sometimes being a little irresponsible is exactly what you need to feel like you are living in the here and now. I do not do that a lot. And when i do i usually ruin the moment with extreme self doubt and judgment. This was n't one of those times, thankfully... Getting a little off budget was freeing for me. It was indeed shopping therapy.
Our home is now like a greenhouse. It 's like a jungle in here. But it did n't happen over night. The last couple of years i am filling every free spot with plants, any kind of plants. I have used anything i could get my hands on, as long as it would grow. Once i had some spoiled onions and cloves of garlic..,so, i planted them. They are really pretty. In result, everywhere i look i am surrounded by life. In all forms. Flowers,herbs, shrubs and trees are growing in pots all around me. Herbs and smudges are drying in various places around the house and it smells like burned sage all the time.
My cats used to be a big problem for my poor plants. They loved peeing in them. I did n't manage to save all of them. Until i read a fabulous solution. Pine cones and stones. So simple, cheap and pretty. You fill the surface of the pots with them and you are done screaming to your cats: Nooooo! Plus, it is fun going out and searching for pine cones. To fill all those pots i had to gather a lot(!) of them. Bags full of them. While i did that, the people passing by, naturally, looked at me in wonder.
I urge you to do the same. Bring Mother Nature into your home. Gather natural items, pieces of wood, rocks, shells. Do n't throw away this bag of expired lentils, plant them. You will feel grounded, protected, safe. It will make your life a bit more magical and bright. As your hands deep into the soil, you will connect with the Goddess. As your plants grow, you will grow stronger with them.
This week's balance weekly project is to bring home a new life. Whether it is in the form of a plant or a pet.
Be blessed, be loved and be in touch with your inner voice.
Kisses and hugs to all of you,


Farmer Jen said...

I really enjoyed this post. It really spoke to my heart. I too, am trying to find balance, and I love the part about being surrounded by life in all forms, and bringing home new life, a plant or a pet. Thank you for touching my heart today.

Grammy said...

That is awesome, I love your spirit. :) I am an outside gardener. And at my old home I would plant cat mint or nip. To keep the cats happy in one place. I did not know that pine cones would keep cats away. Thats great. I am not much of an indoor Gardner.
You are so right the we do have to buy things to bring in a bit of happiness some times, I but books. And it has been a while since buying plants. We have had so much rain that I can not find my plants for the weeds. I am slowly finding them.
Thank you for your visit. I can feel your vibe across the world too. Big hug sent your way.

Diandra said...

Unfortunately our cats kill every plant they can get their paws on. The only things surviving in our flat are spider plants (we have a dozen of them) and some ivy I put on the highest shelf so they can't reach them. Okay, and there are the herbs on the balcony, once again high enough to be save from our "green stalkers". ^^

I think not acting on your worries all the time is good, since it shows the universe: I trust in you, I know that everything will turn out right in the end.

Judy said...

Greetings GreekWitch...Thanks for stopping by my blog...the more the merrier...I had trouble with blogger not too long ago also...couldn't post or comment...very aggravating...
There was a time when my house was full of plants...took me forever to water them all...they eventually moved on and now I only have a few...need more...my daughter has a greenhouse and I love to peruse her stock...smells wonderful in there...very relaxing

Magaly Guerrero said...

I had a case of the "I miss you guys" just a couple of days ago. I got better after I visited a bunch of Wicked Darlings ;-)

I want my house to be a jungle...

Lydia said...

We are lucky enough to have an outdoor garden, but I have also crammed pots all over our patio and our screened-in porch. And when I inevitably have to move everything in in the fall, the Mister always walks through saying, "It looks like the frickin Viet Cong in here!" :-)

C said...

great post :) always searching for balance lol i live in an upstairs flat so bring plenty of nature inside to keep me grounded :) shells, leaves, pebbles, cones everywhere :) have a great weekend Grrr blogger troubles no wonder we need more balance lol

Anonymous said...

Ak blogger has been a mare for me too lately! I can't comment on my own blog STILL!

As to the question about reading it depends on if you're after history or mythology?
For purely history you could start with Barry Cuncliffs short history on the celts. For the mythology either a translation of the mabinogion (I want to read the translation by Sioned Davies but haven't gotten hold of it yet - the Gest translation is quite old and I don't think it's generally thought to be very good any more) or any retellings of the Irish myths. If you take a look at the sacred texts archive online there are lots of old translations of the irish myths on there and there is some scottish folklore etc along with old translations of the welsh medieval texts - the mabinogion and the triads *beware the writing is somewhat dense and hard going in places lol!* It's a good place to start if you don't want to splash out any money but the material is obviously old. John and Caitlin Matthews are popular writers that have celtic orientation but I don't think they are strictly historically accurate. Hope that helps some?

Hugs x

Wizardess said...

Good idea on the pine cones...although my problem is squirrels on the balcony! Digging, that is, not peeing.

Shadow said...

peace and love to you! loved this read.

rose of Walk in the Woods, LLC said...

"Bring Mother Earth into your home." Indeed!

Balance can be such a challenge in these times that we live in. Not only with respect to the state of the economy, but in the general way we are … raised … and indoctrinated. It seems to me that we are led to believe that balance is static and still, like a balanced scale. Yet, when I look around at Nature, I see a wild, dynamic balance, one that is in constant flux, seeking the balance of all things in each and every moment. Dare I say that is what you did by splashing out on your botanical purchases.

Yay for you!

(Nice to meet you!)

Lady Thorn said...

I'd like to cordially invite you to join us at The Minerva's Site Competition! Hope to see you there!

Finder Thorn

Diandra said...

Here's an award for you! http://thatwitchistrue.blogspot.com/2011/07/more-technology-and-super-blog-award.html