Greetings to all the blogland. How are you my wonderful friends? I am trying to find balance and my way back home. Do not get me wrong, i am still one of the most optimistic persons i know. But i used to feel like the world was mine for the taking, while lately i am struggling to get out of the maze of my head.
I will work this out, i know it. I will keep handling the situation the best way i know how, the only way i know how. I will get through this with lots of positive thinking, happy thoughts and all the magic that i have and surrounds me.
For now, i will write a little more in my BOS, i will have a long hot cleansing and relaxing, herbal bath. I will feed my little ones something nice and hearty because lately i have n't given them any people's food. And last but not least i will meditate to unblock all that weird, nasty energy that i have attracted.
Maybe afterwards i will talk to my plants(they are great listeners), to scare my neighbours a little bit more, or watch a movie. What do you think? It's a plan, is n't it?
Blessed be*


On an Esbat

In my darkest of hours, i call Her for guidance. In my greatest of joies, i thank Her for providing. In my scariest of nightmares, i summon Her for protection. Whether my prayer is a howl, a scream, a whisper or a laughter, it is always there, on the edge of my lips, waiting for my breath, so it can exist.
Tonight she will be at Her peak, for all of us to watch her mesmerising beauty. I invite you all to celebrate with me, each at your own time and sacred space. Write your wish in rhyme on a leaf, let it fly away from your hand and watch the wind carry it on its immortal,invisible shoulders. It will find Her, i promise you that, and She will make it come true.
Brightest blessings wiccans, pagans, people.


To gain one to lose another

Greetings to all my beautiful blogfriends new or old. Yesterday i mourned the fact that one of my oldest friends is not in fact in my life anymore and that we grew apart. It was something bothering me for a long time but i have been in denial. I did n't want to accept that. We listen to the same music, he makes me laugh, i make him laugh, he always cheats when we play backgammon, we share a wonderful history of the brightest and more fun years of our lives. I am getting married and i have n't told him. He graduated from college and he did n't tell me. We rarely see each other anymore and when it happens it is because i can not let go. If you do not fight for a friendship though, what do you fight for? Can people who grew apart renew their friendship? I hope so. Either way i am still not giving up.
On a happier note, i think today is the beginning of a new friendship with a person that called me as a client but ended up having a conversation that lasted a whole hour. She is a young witch with great potential. Do n't you just love karma? Losing one, gaining another.
Ostara was joyful and full of light as it should be. I did n't make any wreaths as i planned but i was surrounded by beautiful plants and colourful flowers and i made 2 yellow candles for luck and self healing, one purple for protection and cleansing and a green one for luck and money. I usually make my magical candles during Imbolc, but this year i have been kind of lazy and i make them whenever i need them. As i told you in my last post i had a sensation that this Equinox was going to be powerful and i was n't proven wrong. The brightness of this day was almost overwhelming.
Today is Monday the day of the moon. Celebrate the love in your life and open your hearts to feelings and emotions. Use silver or grey candles and burn an incense of eucalyptus for emotional and physical healing.
Brightest blessings, love and light.


Filling you in and Ostara

Greetings to all the blogland!
I am sorry i have been away for so long. For some reason i was n't in a very creative mood for a while, but i have returned. My life had way too many ups and downs and i was very stressed. But i have to admit that it feels good to have my keyboard on my lap and filling you in. You know the feeling, like catching up with a friend although in this case with several friends. Weirdly enough my life was more balanced than ever(hitting the gym, meeting with friends, seeing a therapist, working and taking care of business stuff while organising my wedding). The only downside is that my stress levels are abnormally high, especially when it has to do with music(a gig and some very important exams are coming up). Deep breaths, long baths and showers and cooking hearty comfort foods are usual occurrences lately.
I am also picking flowers and drying them and i bought a bunch of house plants to celebrate Ostara and bring some nature in my home. The spring equinox never felt so strong and powerful as it does now while it is approaching. The only plan i have set up in my mind is to make a wreath to hang on my front door. Many witches work with fairy magick this time of the year. I usually prefer Lughnasad for it, but it is a common practice along with beauty, luck and love spells.
Do you have any special plans for Ostara?