Ramblings about the blue moon and my upcoming handfasting!

Greetings blogfriends. I hope everyone is healthy and happy. I have been a little off physically, but i guess it is normal for this time of the year. Since December 1st it seems like the great Mother is trying to prove it is really Winter. It is raining all the time and we had many cloudy days.
At the end of the month we are going to have an awesome opportunity. There will be a blue moon(the second full moon of the month) which also falls on the New Year's Eve. Blue Moons hold great power. So we should take advantage of it. We will be able to make our new year's resolutions into goals of rituals. Instead of a plain list we will be spell binding. I am very excited about that.
I might have mentioned before that my asc. sign is Libra which is also Petro's sign. So, astrologically speaking it would be a really bad idea for us to get married now that Saturn is in Libra. But from April 29 until June 5 will be retrogade on Virgo. This is our window of opportunity. I was hoping to marry on Midsummer, but Beltane will do. Lets all hope that the weather will be nice, because it will be an outdoors handfasting.
I was thinking a lot about it. I decided it would be wrong to invite people who will be unsupporting(even if they are our parents). For all of them, there will be our political wedding to go to. I do not want to force my beliefs on people and i definitely do not want to explain things on my wedding day. This means that the guests will be much fewer than originally planned. I know that some people will not like the idea, but i have made my mind.
I would love to hear from you ideas about the ritual, the food and basically anything about handfastings.
Brightest blessings, love and light.


Shadow said...

i can't help you with rituals and ideas, but i sure would like to hear what you will be doing. and a wedding is for life, so be sure to do it your way...

Sharon Day said...

Oh, how exciting! I always wanted to do that. My idea was to have everyone bring something pretty they found in nature, whether it's a seashell, pine cone, flower, rock... and have them drop them into a jar where they will be kept on display in our home. I always wanted to do it barefoot so our feet make contact with the earth outdoors. I'm very excited about the Blue Moon. Last time we had one, I had one of the best ghost hunt of my life! I agree with you about having only supportive people around you for such an event. It's really about you two and no one else. I hope you get some pictures. I'd love to see the happy couple.

Anonymous said...

How exciting! I agree that you should only invite those who are supportive of you.

Rue said...

Congratulations on your upcoming handfasting! How exciting! It's hard not to invite everyone to share in your day, but you really want to be surrounded by people who support your choices too.

I do hope you feel better - the Winter is definitely a time for self-care!

Robin said...

I've only been to one handfasting. It was lovely. Congratulations!

And, your blog is wonderful..i'm a follower!

Grammy said...

How exciting that would be. I wish I could be there. I wish you a glorious wedding. Will it be near water? A lake setting sounds like a wonderful place, I can just imagine it in my mind.
Sending many blessings your way.

Unknown said...

Some I've been to were very informal and others are quite decorative. The Priestess usually has a studied pattern of binding the hands using colored ribbon to denote the union's intention. Suzanne's sister and her man did the 'jump the beesom' bit as well.

Write your own vows, of course, for they'll have more feeling behind them...I'd choose early morning were I to do thus for its symbolic meaning. Ask for a 'true potluck' and in this way you'll 'see' the 'blessings'. It gives all invited a chance to really go all out.

Dessa said...

Hey there, if you are into such things, I have tagged your blog for a holiday survey thingy. If interested you can find it here:


Hope your holiday is warm and wonderful.

ellen abbott said...

I was at a handfasting once. It was on the river on an overnight trip. The people were strangers to me and I have never seen them since but the ritual was so interesting.

Teacats said...

Check out this tune on YouTube -- "Marianne Faithfull Wiccan the Witches Song" -- might work well for the handfasting!


Plus there may be books with ideas for your handfasting on Amazon.com!

Jan at Rosemary Cottage

Bridgett said...

Oh...a handfasting! Yay!

And girly, it's your day. You do it however is most comfortable to you. Only you and Petros matter on your special day. I bet it will be so beautiful.


Nydia said...

Beltane is a great day for a handfasting! What a wonderful ritual! Whatever you do, it will be beautiful, I'm sure. Do share photos with us And though it's hard not to invite as many people as intended, you're right to keep faithful to your idea and to be surrounded by those who understand and respect your heart.

Kisses from Nydia.

Tara said...

I to am having a handfasting this year. We decided to elope for some of the reasons you explained. I do not want to have to explain myself or my beliefs on my wedding day! I still dont know much about handfastings yet. Good luck to you with your wedding and do what you want! It's your day to remember :)

Love and Light )O(