Yule greetings!

I hope you all had a blessed Yule. Right here is wonderful! It is not rainy or too cold, so it feels amazing to fill your lungs with fresh air in the morning. But the nights...Oh, the nights! Little twinkling lights and beautiful decorations are making the city look so glamorous. This is a fun time! But it is the first time i notice that because in the past around Christmas i was usually focused on myself, spiralling inwards towards a truth never captured. Of course i am not completely outgoing, the season still affects me, Midwinter holds my heart hostage, but i am trying hard to let myself reconnect with friends and family.
Since money is kind of tight, i am not buying expensive gifts. I am making gift baskets for everyone. I will fill them with apples and pies and small gifts and decorations of evergreens. I hope people will enjoy them, i will sure enjoy making them. In every basket i am adding a special magical gift either for love or prosperity. I look forward in giving them! I take such great pleasure in making gifts.
But i do not support the obligatory nature of christmas gifts. I prefer giving them when i feel like it, and i totally disagree with the consumerism that drives people into overcharging their credit cards and making their depths ever bigger! Hence, gift baskets filled with things that show love and caring!
How do you feel about Christmas gifts?


Some divinational tools.

Greetings to all my blogfriends. I hope everyone is in tune with the holiday season and that you are having lots of fun. I have n't posted for a while because i was working like a maniac.
But to be honest i had a lot of fun working. I brought out all my cards(tarot cards, gypsy cards,Carl Jung cards, Great Leaders cards...) and it was interesting to see how some cards "click" better with some people than others even though i was always performing the readings. With the Winter Solstice and the blue moon around the corner i think it is a great opportunity to give you a few divinational tools.
I am sure you have all heard of tea leaves readings, but how about coffee readings? You use the same techniques and you need greek coffee or turkish which is basically the same. You drink the coffee while concetrating on the issues that bother you and you leave just a sip or two. On the bottom there will be left some coffee residue. With the liquid left, you twist and shake the cup, so that the mix is united again. Then you turn it over the sink and let it dry for a minute on a paper napkin. Your cup is ready for reading. Concentrate on the images that you see and let them flow in your mind. Take advantage of the power of the Solstice and the blue moon to see what the New Year has instored for you. Also do not forget to charge your crystalls and meditate. These days that are coming are going to be so powerful, that it would be a shame to not take advantage of them.
Brightest blessings, love and light.


Ramblings about the blue moon and my upcoming handfasting!

Greetings blogfriends. I hope everyone is healthy and happy. I have been a little off physically, but i guess it is normal for this time of the year. Since December 1st it seems like the great Mother is trying to prove it is really Winter. It is raining all the time and we had many cloudy days.
At the end of the month we are going to have an awesome opportunity. There will be a blue moon(the second full moon of the month) which also falls on the New Year's Eve. Blue Moons hold great power. So we should take advantage of it. We will be able to make our new year's resolutions into goals of rituals. Instead of a plain list we will be spell binding. I am very excited about that.
I might have mentioned before that my asc. sign is Libra which is also Petro's sign. So, astrologically speaking it would be a really bad idea for us to get married now that Saturn is in Libra. But from April 29 until June 5 will be retrogade on Virgo. This is our window of opportunity. I was hoping to marry on Midsummer, but Beltane will do. Lets all hope that the weather will be nice, because it will be an outdoors handfasting.
I was thinking a lot about it. I decided it would be wrong to invite people who will be unsupporting(even if they are our parents). For all of them, there will be our political wedding to go to. I do not want to force my beliefs on people and i definitely do not want to explain things on my wedding day. This means that the guests will be much fewer than originally planned. I know that some people will not like the idea, but i have made my mind.
I would love to hear from you ideas about the ritual, the food and basically anything about handfastings.
Brightest blessings, love and light.


I am under the moon 's spell!

Today the moon is magnificent. She is surrounded by a huge glowing ring, that took my breath away when i saw Her. She is not even full yet and She makes promises of true potential and powerful magic. I was feeling a little down before seeing Her, but now i am excited in the most optimistic of all ways and inspired.
I had a beautiful glass bottle with silver binding i did n't know what to do with it, since August. I knew that when the time was right the ideas would come. I felt i had to use this bottle for myself, but not sure for what reason. I now know that it is for soul healing and cleansing. I was n't sure whether to make a herb potion or an oil potion, but i decided to do the oil one because it lasts longer. Yule is just around the corner and i want to be able to celebrate the arrival of light into the world and our lives again, properly. I want to be able to wear this oil but also annoint candles with it too. I would prefer a jojoba oil base , but i do not have any, so i will be using olive oil. The essential oils i will be using is lavender for cleansing, eucalyptus for healing and rosemary for power. I will add a pintch of a herb mix. I have a ring that has small rose quartz crystalls, that i will break into pieces to put them in too, if i can find it. You see i was going to purchase a bunch of crystalls from Hibiscus Moon, but i have n't been able to convience Petros to go to the bank and put money into our paypal account. I hate those chores and they make me lose half a day's work. But i quess since he is not going i have to.
So, tommorrow i will be celebrating the Esbat by mixing potions and decorationg for Yule. Today i made big paper snowflakes with white glitter for the walls.
Have a great month and a beautiful Esbat.Brightest blessings.