Bite your tongue!

I am a psychic.In my job i have seen some pretty weird things and i had to say some difficult things also. As time passes,it gets easier to give somebody bad news. Your boyfriend has an affair.You are pregnant. The father of your baby is not your husband. There is a sickness in your future etc. But today i honestly did not know what to do. This nice lady came by and wanted to check out some things about her kids and husband. It was nice because they are a great family loving, caring and kind of crazy-my type of crazy, so i had a great time. But suddenly i realised that her son is gay and she seemed to have no idea. She even asked me if he had a girlfriend. He has not said anything and he is not about to.
My first thought was to say nothing because they might not be ready to handle it and i might cause trouble. Besides, he will come out when he feels like it and it would be better to hear it from him.
On the other hand, i believe that every information the universe gives us is for the best. There were reasons of course to keep this for myself but my obligation was towards her. Besides, if i told her , all of the sudden this huge problem could disappear and they would live happily ever after.
I was rambling inside my head for some time now and i really had to make a quick decision about the whole thing. I got nervous and started blaming her for the fact that her son was too afraid to tell her. What a horrible mother she must be and a homophobic one.
Soon i realised i was being judgemental so i could avoid the whole decision making...when finally i said it. "Your son is gay!" I should have prepared her a little bit, i know, but i was stressed.
She seemed rather calm. Surprised, but calm. As it turned out she knew but she did not know how to speak to him, and then the easy part came: giving advice. I am good at it, it is my life that i can not handle.


Tracy ~ The UnOfficial Witch of Ridgewood said...

Merry Meet Rosemary!

Thank you so much for subscribing to my blog! I hope you enjoy your visits. I look forward to reading your posts as well!

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sage said...

At least you know telling her was the right thing.. I hope things work out well for them in the end!

Bitsa Lit said...

I'm not sure i got the chance to thank you for following my blog either. I really dont know what I would have done in your situation as im not a psychic but trust your own judgment and it will be fine.

Thanks for your comment about my dog lol! hes my buddy!:) and yeah...around here deer are no big thing lol! just part of the scenery! They can be pretty dangerous to cars though but moose are Way worse! they kill lots of people in accidents every year. If your ever on Canada's east coast, be careful if you're driving lol!
I look forward to more blogs