Like a journal...

I just want to lay down some thoughts because i am feeling lost. Since i begun my spiritual journey i feel i am getting more and more isolated. Even from the people that are close to me. There is all that misunderstanding about wicca and paganism and sometimes i get frustrated. It is worthy of course of the trouble,but sometimes i do not feel like explaining myself and what i believe. Right now i feel like i am trying to hide behind words.The anonymity is liberating,but still i can not express what i want.You would think that in the year 2009, people would be more openminded but it is like nothing has changed since the dark ages, and i have to hide so i do not get burned.I am telling you, i have been asked if i worship satan and i think any minute now i 'll hear someone crying out "witch" while throwing holy water all over my face. Well, that 's ok! I am going to try to be more positive and less judgemental. Blessed be everybody!