Reluctantly excited

So, my mom came by the other day with a bunch of plastic flowers and it felt like fate. I usually do not decorate for Fall until the Equinox trying to hold on to as much Summer as I possibly can. But this year the Sun went to hiding the moment September came.  The air is crispier, the leaves are turning and no amount of denial from my part could bring Summer back. Of course there is so much beauty all around.  The glow of the Sun paints the whole world in a golden color.  The weather is lovely for leisure walks in the park, although I haven't had the chance yet. The Wheel is turning and I shall welcome the change. So, my front door may be a bit extreme, but the princess witch loved it!  Are you excited about Autumn?


Debra She Who Seeks said...

Your door looks great! It's hard to believe the Autumn Equinox is next week already! They say we'll be having an early winter, at least here in Canada. I hope not! Stay, autumn, stay!

jaz@octoberfarm said...

i love your front door! this morning is the first true Fall -like morning we have had. we just survived the hottest summer on record so i am more than ready for fall!

Magic Love Crow said...

Your front door looks great! I love it! I am excited for Autumn!!! Big Hugs!

Shadow said...

Autumn I love, but right now, I'm embracing spring *grin* Slide sweetly into the time of rest

angela said...

Love Autumn. Favourite time of the year for me.
But here we are in spring. And the days are getting longer and the sun is shining a little brighter
We have already started to plant our summer crops
The wheel turns constantly, waiting for no one.
Which is kinda reasuring really.