A quicky...

I have been away for a long while and all this time I was working towards strengthening myself and getting all of my pieces together.  Lately I've even started singing again something I thought I would lose forever if I took my thyroid away.  I realized all those other reasons I would say to avoid surgery meant nothing and the thing I was afraid the most was this. Only when I took singing out of the picture I was able to move forward with my life saving decision.  Now I have almost finished my six month check and everything looks great and soon my doctor will confirm that.  I have lost a total of 57 kilos to this day(over the years). And as for my back I have mostly good days. But guys, I am just so happy. I am singing beautiful arias again.  I have my health, my family,  my voice, my work and a spiritual practice more evolved than ever.  I feel so blessed especially because I am so much better than any other person I met that underwent the same course of treatment and on top of that I am a soprano again.  I am working some of the kinks with a teacher but she thinks I will be able to audition as soon as September. Can you believe it?  I might fail but who cares. There will be concerts and plays and so much singing.  I am back you guys. Really!!! 
I love you all.  I will be back soon with a real post.  Till then nighty night!