I am back!!!

Greetings blogfriends. I have been away for too long!  But I have been busy reclaiming my health. I have been working out like crazy growing stronger every day. Also I have been on a personal version of the warrior diet and it is really working. Although I am still a bit hypothyroid my metabolism is better than I can remember without those nasty antibodies working against me. I have been told that this would happen by a few thyca survivors that I met but couldn't believe it. I sleep better, and my back pain was almost gone. Except that yesterday I fell down the stairs and injured my coccyx a bit which is a fancy way of saying... My butt hurts and a little bit my back,  but I have gone a long way. If a fall like that happened in the past I would be bedridden for months. It was a scary fall and painful but the scariest part was until the immediate pain subsided and found out my back did not spasm out of control.  And of course the humiliation. Almost all of the building's residents came to my rescue. A grown woman with an ass injury. Ridiculous. And then at the hospital having to say it again and again really worked wonders for my self esteem. Oh and did I mention that an ex of mine happened to be at the er? Embarrassment aside though, I feel so grateful. Sure my butt hurts, but my back is just a little sore. My health is restored a great deal. I am whole again.
 As for my spiritual practice it is growing and expanding. Ever since I dedicated myself to Brighid I am more connected than ever. I practice magic daily and I feel blissfully full every time I do.  Right now smudges, herbs and flowers are drying waiting to be used and to fill the house with their divine smells. My balcony resembles a zen garden more than ever and plants full of magical potential waiting for my attention. The spring is springing and the breeze awaits for my prayers. And last but not least I have a date tonight with the Goddess,  spot Her in the sky this evening, She is going to be glorious. I love you all!!!