Black curtain

My soul is hiding behind a black curtain. But it can not avoid for ever being hurt. At some point, the words will have to sink in. The feelings will have to sink in. The pain will have to sink in. 

I must allow myself to heal. I must see myself for what it is now, a little child. It is time to grow up. And never get back to this place again. Dust myself off and move on.
May you have lots of unconditional love in your life. Love and light.


Hindustanka said...

I hope your soul will get out from hiding soon.. though I don't know what happened. Sending healing hugs and blessings!

mxtodis123 said...

I do know those feelings. My soul hid behind those dark curtains this past winter. You will get through this. Know that I am here for you.

Toni said...

I understand how you feel. Extra hard for someone with your mepathy and sensitivity.

My book club just read Quantum Think by Dianne Collins. While words can still sting immediately upon hearing them, the book taught me how to detach from them and observe where they came from. It removes you from the hurt and lifts your spirit.

Sending you love and healing energy!