Baby girl and Esbat plans

Greetings blogfriends! Who are you all amazing people doing today? We are ecstatic. The doctor just told us that we are having a baby girl which is good because, i had already bought a bunch of cute pink stuff and we have been referring to the baby as a "she" for months now.
On a magical note the full moon is just around the corner and i personally can't wait. I want to cast a blessing on the house because there are a lot of stagnant energies(as always this time of the year). I have collected on a recent trip spring water from a beautiful frozen mountain and i am going to bless it with basil(I still have one surving in the living room) rosemary and hibiscus flowers(that are still blooming outside, which is weird because it is really cold). Basil for luck, rosemary for cleansing and hibiscus for love. I will charge it under the full moon and sprinkle it around the house and water my plants with it. Also a couple of spells need to be cast on those three magical days.
Also it is time to plant a few seeds for good luck. I have some seeds of evergreens and i can't wait to plant them because they correspond with health, stability, longevity and protection. Each seed in a separate small pot with a twig, a written wish on paper and a coloured string.
What are your plans for the upcoming Esbat?


Grammy said...

That is awesome news. I am so happy for you. A girl will be a real blessing. I need to do a cleanse too. Thanks for reminding me. Big hugs. And many blessings sent your way.

Leanna said...

Congratulations darlin! I'm so happy for you.

Diandra said...

Congratulations! Don't forget to enjoy yourselves!

Magaly Guerrero said...

Yay! You were right, congrats!

angela said...

So very happy for you, congratulations. A baby girl is so much fun to dress up and play with. Cannot wait to meet her in blog land.