Spell to lose weight-sympathetic magick

Greetings wonderful bloggers. How have you been? I  am feeling great. Back on my feet, so to speak, but  i still wanted to give a little boost to myself , especially towards my healthiness goals. I have been meaning to write this post a little earlier but with all that buzz going around the internet about obese pagans, it did n't feel right to me. As i already told you before i got really frustrated about close minded people being unaccepting and judgemental towards one another, whether it had to do with weight or veils or fashion choices for that matter.
I truly believe that Paganism as a religion or more like it as a philosophy, has the rare quality of  being a mosaic of beliefs and practices and the common ground is most of the time the love of the Earth and the love of the Mother and Father. Individuality is a big part of our faith and acceptance should be a given. Let me say that i believe all bodies are sacred, all bodies are beautiful no matter the age, the height, the weight, the colour of  the skin, hair, eyes.
As long as i can remember i battled with extra pounds. In the past they used to be imaginary until they became very real. And then from being skinny i got to be obese. Then after the Goddess's help doctors found what was wrong with me and fixed some hormonal imbalancies and weight loss was possible again. I lost a lot of weight since and now have less but still a lot to go. It takes a lot of hard work but now i do not stress about it, because losing weight is  something that comes naturally and is not forced.
The Autumn Equinox is almost here, one of my favorite celebrations and the quest for balance is emphasised by nature Herself. If one of your balance goals is losing weight this spell has helped me a lot in the past. It falls into the category of sympathetic magick, because you will make a poppet of yourself from flour and water. This is one of the reasons why this spell is so fitted for a Mabon celebration. You will need except for flour and water, a candle, a piece of beautiful red fabric, a piece of belladonna root, a few red rosepetals, some sandalwood and a few mandrake flakes.
 It will seem hard at first and it will probably  not come out perfect but you will still put your intent into the poppet. You will shape it into your ideal shape(more or less again you are not going for perfect here) and you will put the hands together to the belly of the poppet as if they hold a bouquet. There you will put the piece of belladonna root(which stands for beautiful lady). Then you will put the poppet into the red fabric and spinkle on top some red rose petals, sandalwood and a few mandrake root flakes. As always in sympathetic magick you have to put a lot of you into the poppet. You will add some hair of yours touching your poppet's  top of head, you will take some of your saliva with your finger and put it where the mouth should be and you will drop a drop of your blood at the place where the heart should be. Then you will write on a piece of paper your wish burn it over the candle burning in front of you(although this is clearly a Venus spell i usually burn red candles for these types of spells, its your choice) and put the ashes in the areas you want to transform. Close the fabric around the poppet and bury it, in your garden, in a sacred spot, or even in a pot. Just make sure noone will see it or move it.

That being said, there is also a wonderful Fall challenge at get of your broom you should check out here. Serenity Raven always manages to keep me inspired and motivated.
Until next time, be blessed, be loved and be very very witchy!


Shadow said...

hey sweetie, it's been a long time... but i'm glad to see you still here and posting and sharing your beautiful thoughts!

Amanda said...

Sounds like you're doing great! I'm happy for you. I'm always on a fitness mission myself, so I love to see others find that joy.