Balance weekly-Spiritual dancing!

Greetings blogfriends. Today i am super excited. I won one of Magaly's giveaways. You should check out her blog. She is awesome! You can find her here: http://pagan-culture.blogspot.com/ . I have to tell you that doing the last post motivated me to drink at least two cups of tea per day. I feel rejuvenated and lighter! I want to thank all of you that tried to do it too. You are the most supportive group of blogfriends. So here i am again asking for your participation in yet another week of more balanced habits.
For this week's theme i was torn. I had so many things in my mind that i could n't decide which was the one we should try for a whole week. After a lot of consideration i decided it should be 15' of workout per day. For those of you that already work out, well..your job is done. But for the rest, i believe that a quarter of an hour is not intimidating. It can be as vigorous as you want, or simply a walk with your dog. You can do yoga, kick box, walk, run, cycle etc.
But my suggestion is a little more spiritual and cleansing. Spiritual dancing! You can do it while listening to whatever you want. You can choose from Lady Gaga to shamanic drums. Whatever speaks to you. Just dance from East to West in some sort of circle, following the movement of the Sun. Do not worry about being cool, or sexy, or funny, or even interesting while doing it. You just do what comes to mind. Listen to music and get lost to it. While you do it, try not to get interrupted, so you can enter a meditative state . Hear the rhythm and just revel in it. Lose yourself in the moment.
At this point i have to confess that i am no dancer. Ha! Believe you me! But i put on the music that feels more "shamanic" to me, i make some room in the living room and just start moving. After a while i find myself hopping, diving and "flying". I check the clock and see an hour has gone by and i am not even tired. And i am no athlete either. Speaking to the Goddess in such an ancient way makes me feel a part of this world. And i do not see modern furniture and electronical equipment, and i do not see buildings and cities and cars. For a while, it is me, with my eyes closed dancing around the fire that burns inside me, chanting, floating, free in my purest and wildest of forms.
If you have never tried it please do. I swear you will not regret it. Light your candles, burn some frankiscence, empty your mind form everyday thoughts and allow yourself the luxury of 15 minutes devoted to just you. You deserve it!
I love you guys! Thank you for being there for me!
Be blessed, be happy, be loved.


Soraya said...

One of the reasons why I love Belly Dance so much. It's such a spiritual dance that kind of captivates you while you're doing it. It's such an ancient dance, and one that was used to worship Inanna... It makes me feel connected :)
When I'm not dancing, I'm doing Yoga (I burn Sage while I do that and listen to a very relaxing music channel. <3 it) Or I've been walking at a fast pace for about 30 minutes. It's painful but It's been working :)
Keep it up!

Diandra said...

That's a great idea! Every bit of movement added into evey day life is good!

I used to take belly dance lessons (until the time it would take me to get to the place was more than the actual lesson *sigh*), and I still love to practise the moves while doing housework - or just for fun! It has helped me a lot with feeling comfortable with myself, body and soul...

apinkdreamer said...

hi! i have been doing this since i was a little girl!!!
and everytime i feel so carefree!!!
see you on sunday on my fairy party/story post! you are in of course!!!!

Grammy said...

I had to laugh at the Lady G. I normally do not listen to her. But her song was perfect for my painting that day. :) I have been using the meditation at that site each day. I love the David J voice. He is so calming. I have been working on a number of self help things. But I will try a bit of gardening for exercise . If the rain quits. I have been creating tarot cards on my other site. It is foreverchanging. The link is in my list on the bottom of my page. I will create one for you when I find the name and purpose of your card. But I wish you much health and happiness this week. :)
Love and light to you. E

C said...

a good old boogie works wonders :) just close your eyes and feel the beat, go with the flow and move ya feet !! lol have a great weekend x

Urban Earthworm said...

I am a horrible dancer. But that doesn't stop me. Rum helps.

Great post.

Wyckked said...

It's amazing how "Freeing" almost any type of dance can be for our "Self". Dance can take us to a primal state of feeling, even to altered states of consiousness. I have been Rattling and dancing with Spirit for quite awhile now and know what you mean about setting a small time limit to dance only to realize its been way longer because you got lost in it. How wonderful! Exercise of any type in general is a great way to become energized with life. I really enjoyed your blog post, thanks. Keep on moving, lol.

Intuitive Goddess said...

Congrats on Your prize..
Not to long ago I mentioned to My mom that I was thinking of going to Belly dance class - mom replied but you do a form of bellydance - I had to laugh, for I hadn't even thought of our traditions! I'm still going to take those classes - It's a great way to shed afew pounds..