Ding dong- the witch is home

Greetings my dearest blogfriends. How are you guys? Oh, how have I missed you! So, I have been busier than usual with the little witchling and dear husband, my fortune telling practice and my athletic endeavours. Some things had to go as in everything that even resembles a social life. There have been people that could not handle my lack of time, so distances were taken.These things are unfortunate but happen.
There has been an unforeseen development in my life. You see, as of lately I have been working 3+ hours(1 hour cardio to build endurance, 1 hour lifting weights to build strength and 1 hour kickboxing) during the workdays, trying to get better at kickboxing.  You might say I got a little goal oriented(cough, cough ..obsessed). And there has been talk of me entering a tournament. I do not know if this will ever take place, but to even be considered as an athlete by my coaches gave me such a sense of accomplishment. One day, I will seek a more rounded life, but for now I am thirstily enjoying the enormous pleasure of getting bitten up everyday and along the way making some guys not feel so great about themselves. I understand this might come off a bit man hating-ish, but I can not lie it gives me great pleasure to bit up men.  To all my male readers, I love you guys and forgive my unwarranted aggression, but you have to admit that when you watch a girl in a movie bitting up a guy, you inadvertently enjoy it. The idea of it , is  even kind of sexy, not the reality though, because there is a lot of grunting, panting and  sweat and saliva swinging around. Hmm, that sounded sexy as well, but once again just the idea of it, you have to take my word on that. Do you remember that guy from friends, not knowing when to give up, not great survival instincts?That's me now. You can officially call me Pete.

So, I will keep you updated on that front.
Moving on to more magical matters, I have been focused lately on health and strength spell casting. I invoke often Mars and Sun energies. Which, to think of it involves a lot of pentagram marking, blooding drawing and red candles lighting, so my practice has took a more traditional-hollywood kind of turn. This was a fun twist, but all my practice begins and ends always with my undieing devotion and love to Brighid.
Can you believe Ostara is almost here? The Wheel once again is turning, life once again is waking and with it our energy becomes more vivid , sparkly and happy. Oh, I can not wait!
So, to all of you be blessed, be vivid , be sparkly and be happy!


Debra She Who Seeks said...

Kick-boxing! My oh my! You ARE an athlete! Enjoy yourself!

Toni said...

So glad you're back, even if you came back an OCD athlete!

Leanna said...

I was thinking of emailing you but I'd get busy doing something around the house and forget to do it. I'm busy getting my courtyard garden back to normal. David let everything die when I was in the hospital for a while so now I have a chance to get it all going again. I am so glad that the weight training and kickboxing are working for you. Keep it up.

Diandra said...

Your kickboxing habit sounds like fun! I am not a fighter (too squeamish), but I am preparing for my first Strongman Run in September! And yes, I registered because it's "Strong-MAN", and because of the women who enter, only a minor percentage finishes. It's stupid. ^^

Magic Love Crow said...

Good for you girl! So proud of you!! I am so happy this is all working well for you! Keep on kicking!!! Big Hugs!

angela said...

Oh my goodness. I won’t ever upset you lol
I too have been busy looking after myself
Not anywhere like you! But I am older lol
I swim five days a week. For an hour and a half every morning
I look after my granddaughter two mornings a week. And boy she makes me sweat!
I have also lost 13 kilos and want to lose five to eight more. Here’s hoping.
Maybe one day we will see you on the olympics boxing for Greece!
Enjoy it all and don’t worry about those that leave your path. They can’t cope with your positive,
Go get them, energy xxx

Optimistic Existentialist said...

Remind me never ever to make you mad...

mxtodis123 said...

I've been away for awhile myself. Stopping by to say hello and see how all is going.

Haddock said...

Kick boxing? I was always scared of contact sports for the fear of having any permanent damage.