Witchcraft while stoned...

Greetings blogfriends. I missed you. My silence was caused by my return in a state of constant and unrelenting pain. It lasted a long time, the better part of five months to be exact and only recently it  has been that I begun to notice some improvement. Pain has a way to make fear and despair creep into your soul. Is this going to be the rest of my life? Have I caused something new and severe into my spine that means my everlasting suffering? As usual doctors did not help my state of mind. They wanted me to do a surgery, warning me about loss of mobility. Pfff.. But, some corticosteroids poured into my ass cheek, many hours of exercise, a bunch of pills and many chiropractic sessions later I have started to feel like my self again. All this because I picked my four year old daughter from the floor because she was crying. I have never done that in the past, but an arrogant voice inside me urged me to take her in my arms. I felt it the moment i did, but I did not realize how badly I was injured. It took me about two months before I knew this was not a regular spasm. The power of denial...
Well, I learned my lesson and I am very careful, I hope it sticks after I have completely healed.
On a magical note, my practice seems to grow. Although, there have been periods where the spells I cast were almost always the same, the need for a deeper connection drove me into new paths. I write new spells, I remembered some old ones and I even tried my hand with a cannabis, valerian root and
 passiflora tincture. It was an interesting experience, that when I will be given the chance (child free time) I look forward to repeating. I know it is controversial, and at this point I have to make clear that I do not recommend illegal drug use of any kind to anyone who might be reading this. Not only that but I believe that if your practice is consistent and strong getting an altered state of mind is easy and like everything else just '' muscle memory ''. But my tincture did get me there faster, and I was able to focus and isolate my inner voice easier. It was new to me because I had
 not even tried practicing witchcraft under the influence of alcohol, before that. Except for card readings, I have done that plenty of times. Especially, while young and heartbroken, which was never a great idea.
How about you dear blogfriends, have you ever tried drugs during your spiritual endeavors?


Debra She Who Seeks said...

So sorry to hear of your long ordeal with back pain again! But glad that it seems to be finally over.

No, personally, I have never done any kind of ritual while under the influence of drugs or alcohol. Neither are a big part of my life and I don't see how inebriation can enhance a spiritual exercise in any meaningful way.

Leanna said...

Okay, first off, NEVER ever pick up a child if you have back problems. Get down to their level and then hug them when she cries. OY, it should be your mantra not to pick up more than 10 lbs or 5 kg. My dear sister, please be careful. Also, yes, chronic back pain can make you depressed. I'm on antidepressants and they don't seem to work. I still feel depressed all the time.

Second, is pot illegal in Greece or is it legal for medical purposes? I have only practiced my craft three times while under the influence of drugs. Please don't do LSD. That crap will mess you up, I know. I was seeing stuff that you would only see in a Disney movie. The other 2 times was with pot and it was great!

angela said...

I'm so sorry you were in so much pain
Chronic pain does indeed creep into your soul and it eats it away like a cancer
Unfortunately as mothers, and now me as a grandmother, we don't think of our bodies. We just go with our instincts
And pick up the little ones
Given the choice I'll always be licking my grandchildren up and I'll suffer the consequences Gladly
You never know how long you have and the day will come wether through me passing or just children growing and I won't be able to be licking them up and hugging them pain unfortunately will always be there
I hope you find relief soon xxx

Anonymous said...

Just this morning I wondered what you have been up to ... sorry to hear about your back! A colleague and friend of mine has been having spinal trouble for two months, and I don't envy her at all - her doctors haven't found anything, and she's stuck with three different (useless) diagnoses. Hope you will be better soon!

Shadow said...

Yes, and I do not have any reservations about it or anyone doing so. It has been used for spiritual reasons f various natures over the centuries, why not now? On another note, I have found sceletium to be very helpful too, and it's available in a multitude of forms. I'm glad you're back, and may your back recover as it should, blessings

Magic Love Crow said...

I am so sorry about your back pain! Sending you healing prayers!!
I have never done any kind of ritual under any kind of influence?
Big Hugs!

Magaly Guerrero said...

I am glad you are doing better. I'm even happier that you understand just how foolish/dangerous the action was--I've been there, too... it's so hard not to feel like we can do everything (when we are feeling better), just to have our bodies remind us otherwise.

I have never used any sort of illicit drug. I haven't even been properly drunk. I bet the experience, like everything done while one isn't totally there, is exhilarating (and a tad dangerous).

Lady Caer Morganna said...

So glad that you are doing better. I, too, was wondering where you were? :)

If I may answer your question regarding the use of drugs and/or alcohol during any ritual or magickal workings, I am afraid that I MUST agree with Stacy and Magaly on this particular subject. Now, I/we(as in my solitary pagan friends and I) have taken "a sip" of wine as our libation during the "cakes and ale" part of our sabbats BUT never more than that. Even on occasion, we have been known to use juice in place of wine, especially if there are any children participating in the rituals.

To each their own (I am not judging anyone) but I personally think drugs and alcohol are a VERY BAD idea and the combination can be dangerous!

Please take care!

Lady Caer Morganna said...

Greetings, my dear. I was wondering where you got to. So happy to hear that you are feeling a bit better now.

If you don't mind, I would like to answer your question about the use of drugs and/or alcohol during rituals and magickal workings. I am afraid I must agree with Stacy, Debra and Magaly in regards to this subject. Now, that being said, I will tell you that I/we (my fellow solitary pagan friends and I) have been known to partake in a "sip" of ritual wine as part of the libation for the "cakes and ale" portion of our sabbats. We occasionally use juice in place of the wine, especially if there are any children participating. BUT never have we used anything else.

To each their own (I am not judging anyone here) however I, personally, do not advocate the practice. It can be dangerous in my humble opinion.

Take care and brightest blessings to you!

Lady Caer Morganna said...

My apologies to you if my comment went through more than once. I could not tell if they posted right away or if you do as I do and monitor them first as I never saw a message. Thanks!!