Witchcraft while stoned...

Greetings blogfriends. I missed you. My silence was caused by my return in a state of constant and unrelenting pain. It lasted a long time, the better part of five months to be exact and only recently it  has been that I begun to notice some improvement. Pain has a way to make fear and despair creep into your soul. Is this going to be the rest of my life? Have I caused something new and severe into my spine that means my everlasting suffering? As usual doctors did not help my state of mind. They wanted me to do a surgery, warning me about loss of mobility. Pfff.. But, some corticosteroids poured into my ass cheek, many hours of exercise, a bunch of pills and many chiropractic sessions later I have started to feel like my self again. All this because I picked my four year old daughter from the floor because she was crying. I have never done that in the past, but an arrogant voice inside me urged me to take her in my arms. I felt it the moment i did, but I did not realize how badly I was injured. It took me about two months before I knew this was not a regular spasm. The power of denial...
Well, I learned my lesson and I am very careful, I hope it sticks after I have completely healed.
On a magical note, my practice seems to grow. Although, there have been periods where the spells I cast were almost always the same, the need for a deeper connection drove me into new paths. I write new spells, I remembered some old ones and I even tried my hand with a cannabis, valerian root and
 passiflora tincture. It was an interesting experience, that when I will be given the chance (child free time) I look forward to repeating. I know it is controversial, and at this point I have to make clear that I do not recommend illegal drug use of any kind to anyone who might be reading this. Not only that but I believe that if your practice is consistent and strong getting an altered state of mind is easy and like everything else just '' muscle memory ''. But my tincture did get me there faster, and I was able to focus and isolate my inner voice easier. It was new to me because I had
 not even tried practicing witchcraft under the influence of alcohol, before that. Except for card readings, I have done that plenty of times. Especially, while young and heartbroken, which was never a great idea.
How about you dear blogfriends, have you ever tried drugs during your spiritual endeavors?