A glimpse in my mundane and magical routine

Greetings blogfriends from around the world!  How have you been? I have been really busy trying to get used to to this new daily routine of ours. It is a balancing act that is just now starting to run smoothly.
When the witchling is in school I try to get my workouts out of the way, work a little and do some chores. This is a lot because she is gone for only four hours. Then if I manage to steal some time from work, I give her a bath and give her something to eat before I send her off to her mid-day nap. Then I work until  at nights my husband goes to work and I play a little with her and prepare her again for sleep.  Sometimes,  I work a little more at nights but if I don't,  I get out my pans and cook plenty of dishes to be prepared for 2 or 3 days. Through this tight schedule there is not much time for socializing but I am lucky to work out some days with my best friend and I always try to squeeze in a play date for the witch princess in a week. Finally, Sundays are family time.
This Sunday our grandma and grandpa will join us to decorate our candy Yule tree. Yesterday she decorated some cookies I baked with matching pink sugar sprinkles and hearts with our pink candy tree decorations.  Of course we ate most of them Among us there is no self restraint.  How people manage to keep sweets in their houses for weeks untouched is still a mystery to me. And later tonight we will write Santa a letter. She wants a cinderella book and year long tickets to the zoo.
On my usual magical note, I found myself lately really connecting with two rituals combined into one. I light my three candles for the three faces of Brighid and with three drops of my blood on three red rose petals I summon Her. I meditate and draw my cards ask for guidance and connect. Then I light the four candles around me for the elements. Underneath air's candle there is a piece of paper with health written on it. Under fire's there's the word glow. Under water's beauty and under earth's the word strength.  The words stand for different things at different times, but they are always the same.  I burn my incense,  I burn the papers, I chant my elemental prayer four times.  I ground my self. I give offerings. I take off the candle flames with my left index finger the one I prick.  I thank the Goddess and the powers of the universe and I release the energies.
Have you ever found yourself having a specific ritual practiced routinely?
Many bright blessings.


mxtodis123 said...

It's always difficult establishing a new routine. Since retirement, when faced with extra busy times I tend to revert back to the way I did it while working. I'd spend Saturday in my kitchen preparing meals for the week.

Magic Love Crow said...

Hey busy girl! Good to hear from you! Every other time of the year, sweets don't bother me, but for some reason around Christmas time, I can't get enough of them! LOL! I'm happy you are able to get everything in you are wanting to do throughout the day! Your rituals for your meditations are wonderful! I always meditate with my crystals and stones. I usually go for the rose quartz and my large clear crystal. Sometimes, I take tarot cards. This week, I really have to get back to the gym! Big Hugs! (Would love to see your candy Yule tree!)

angela said...

My world had been turned topsey turvy with the addition of a granddaughter.
A wonderful topesy turvy but still. Staying to get into a new routine that includes baby sitting
I'm sure in the end we will all be much happier in our new busy lives

Magaly Guerrero said...

It sounds like you are busy in the yummiest sort of way. Yay, for that!

These days, in my life, routines are something that happen to other people. I have to plan every night and often have to change the just-made plan the next morning, depending on how my body feels. For instance, today I felt quite well--not too much pain, no vomiting, but... I have a nosebleed that won't go away, so no exercising for me. But we have tomorrow, right?

Hindustanka said...

The routine is our life now... Just about the same as yours. Working, then coming home to bath my little boy and then make him sleep. Then work again (or whatever anything I need to do). And eagerly waiting for a weekend... Such a life is these days. I am pretty tired by the way and annoyed. Not by being busy with my son, but overall tiredness which doesn't go away.
I loved the ritual you described.. However I have no time and space to do any such...hmmm

Sending best wishes! Blessed be.

Shalet Jimmy said...

Hi, I am new to your blog...It seems interesting. Will come here often...

Unknown said...

Hi. It's me..Bouncin Barb from This & That (As I Bounce Thru Life). Remember me? I had to close out my blog due to problems with someone in my family's circle. So I decided to start up a new blog under a new name so they wouldn't see it. So I went from BB to Bee Bee. I've missed you and your blog. Hope all is well with you. Will be catching up.