My most precious of gifts...

Okay, no one make fun of my selfie skills. I always end up with googly or semi closed eyes, or I unintentionally move the second the picture is taken and I come off as a blur. This is why I almost never take them but this was important. I have something to share with you.
 Can you see my beautiful spiral necklace? Is n't the shape just fantastic? Well, the most amazing thing is that I found  it on the street the first day I returned home after my treatment. I never find anything on the streets because I am the most absent minded person in the universe. But I found this(minus the string) while I was walking and  feeling quite dreadful, in physical and emotional pain, alone, away from my loved ones. 
A spiral, my most sacred of symbols  right at my feet ,only a few days after I devoted my practice and worship to Brighid.  I returned home and put it on this string and never taken it off since. This tiny little thing gave me so much strength, and  made me feel loved, protected and safe.   
May the Goddess be with you all!