Stronger and healthier

Hello everybody. It's a beautiful moonlit night outside that makes it almost impossible to go to bed.  I wanted to come here and tell you how blessed I feel right now even in the middle of all this happening in my country.  I feel like myself again.  I am so much healthier. My metabolism is better, I have thicker eyebrows and hair and I have energy.  Of course I didn't continue all of the things I was set on doing.  I couldn't find the time for acupuncture,  or daily eft and meditation,  but the supplements really helped.  I kept the dietary restrictions for a while,  but I do eat small amounts of dairy and carbs again.
   My back is doing better as long as I remember I am not wonderwoman(today I forgot,  but my plants are happy!). When you get your health back it feels as you can conquer anything and I count my blessings daily,  now I just have to make an appointment and check my nodule but I feel it is going to be smaller or at the very least the same.
 I want to thank anyone who kept me in their thoughts and especially the ones that blew some rosepetals in the wind for me.  May tonight's Moon grant all your wishes!! Be blessed!