Is it a garden? Is it a greenhouse? Is it our living room?

It all started with a hanging basket that i needed to re-position so it would not get burned by the hot air blown by the fireplace. And then my ten pots in the living room turned into 20 and the 20 pots turned into an indoor garden of over 30 pots and it is still growing.

 I really wanted the inside to look like outdoors in the spring. and it really vibrates in fast and happy energies. I have tried to stop.
But now i have an indoor garden and it never seems enough. The flowers are taking over!
And of course beside the mess Melina Nefeli keeps making(if that is a mouthful you can call her tornado, it works just as well!),
really, really easily..
There is also mud and soil evrywhere always because something needs adjusting!!!!!!
Now i really should stop messing around and start picking up stuffed animals and dirt from the floor, because she is waking up from her nap and that is completely unsanitary!
                                    Lots and lots of love!


Leanna said...

Oh my goodness. It's a jungle! ahahahaaahahahaaa!

mxtodis123 said...

Wow, your plants are gorgeous. I tell you what, I'll cook and you take care of my plants. What an amazing garden you have there.

Your little one is growing so quickly. She is beautiful.

Magic Love Crow said...

Gorgeous plants! Wow! Your little one is so cute ;o)

angela said...

Looks absolute fantastic. What an exciting place for a little girl to play and explore in

Shadow said...

That is all indoors???? wow. kiddie paradise.