Blood magick

Greetings blogfriends. How have you been? I missed you guys a lot. I am currently recuperating from a thumb injury. My hand is in a functional splint. It is starting to feel much better and it rarely hurts anymore. This is the main reason i have n't blogged in a while. But i have n't fallen out of our "get off your broom" challenge. I have lost yet another kilo. Naturally, with this whole situation, i have taken a few days off training, but this week i managed to go 3 times. Of course i am not fighting against anyone with just my good hand, or do any push ups. But i am there, doing my best.
During the last full moon i have initiated a young promising witch. I have helped many witches in the past, guided them and showed them parts from my family tradition, but never initiated one. You see, this particular ritual is from mother to daughter. I do not think it has ever happened in the past like that. But it felt right. When i read what i just wrote it feels weird. It sounds all so strict and formal. And the way i have been taught of the Craft was always so simple, natural and fun. But i guess it has a few formal parts.
This specific ritual involves drawing blood. We pierce the index finger of the initiative and burn a few drops of her blood. Blood always relates with binding, promises and offerings. Because of its symbolic value and significance it triggers many different emotions amongst the pagan community. I believe that it holds great power and should be used on certain occasions, as long as it is in the way i described. Anything more than a few drops of blood or hurting animals fricks me out completely. How do you feel about it? Have you ever used your blood in a ritual?
I have used my blood twice. The first time was at my initiation ceremony, where my mom did it and the second was when i was casting a sympathetic spell for beauty. I have made an idol of myself using flour and water, i used belladonna, mandrake root and rosepetals a few hair of mine and all left to do was to drop a few drops of my blood on the figurine and recite the spell. I got the needle on my hand, i closed my eyes and tried to pierce. That day i found out something about myself. I am a complete and utter coward. I chickened out. But then, i also realised that i am a creative spirit. So, i went to my cat and started playing with him. A couple of minutes later, both my hands where scratched beyond recognition. I squizzed one of the scratches and there was a drop! I was so excited!
Brightest bessings have a great weekend and lots of fun!