On line classes, sacred circle and guided meditation

Greetings to all my wonderful blogfriends. I know i have been a terrible blogger, but i had some good excuses. I was busy creating a greek blog. I have forgotten how tricky that can be. I also took a few(a lot) classes in universalclass which is a great site, check it out. I got a certificate in spiritual counselling and i looved that course. I was also busy creating a sacred circle in my house, and that needed some rearranging.
My sacred circled is made out of 13 stones(13 is a sacred number because it is the number of the moons of the year) arranged from East to West. Inside it at the East it has a censer(to represent the Element of Air). At the South corner it has a candle(to represent the Element of Fire). At the West corner it has a big beautiful cup full of water and floating tealights(to reresent the Element of Water). At the North it has a beloved ficus tree to represent the element of Earth). And right in the middle is a round low bamboo stool with a beautiful pillow so i can meditate on. On the negative side it is right infront of the front entrance, so when you come into the house it is right there! I guess it might seem weird to many, but there was n't any other place for it. I tried! A lot! It just was n't meant to be.
It feels wonderful in there. It makes feel me empowered and strong. The stones i used i have gathered them myself from a forest. They are different in shapes and sizes but they are all white. I have also made a guided meditation cd that i hear while in my circle.
I have recorded sessions of guided meditation for myself in the past. But although when i make it for anyone else it is recorded with great equipment and backround music, for me i always made crappy recordings on my cellphone. Finally, i made one for me too! It makes a lot of difference.
Have you ever recorded a guided meditation session for yourself? If not try it, the experience is far better than of regular meditation. It is easier to ground, connect and focus. And when you write the script yourself with your own voice it has a stronger impact and you allow yourself to relax more.
So, how have you been? I missed you guys!
Ps. I can not see my followers. I have tried everything. If you are new here, please comment so i can visit your blog.

Brightest blessings,