Greetings my wonderful blogfriends. How have you been? I am recovering from a bad case of tonsillitis, for which i can only blame myself. Well, you see as i have mentioned before i am trying to make a bit healthier choices in food. On this important quest i have discovered a few foods i love. One of them and perhaps the simplier of all, is a smoothie of frozen strawberries, milk and vanilla protein powder. The ending result for those of you smoothie virgins out there, is something between an icecream and a milkshake, very satisfying and fulfilling. So a week ago i made this delicious treat and because i had an appointment and had to hurry up i ended up inhealing the damn thing and came down with, you guessed it, tonsillitis. What was i thinking in the middle of the winter? I had to stay at home, miss a bunch of classes and work. But since we focus on the upside of things, i also had a blast watching my favourite shows and i cleaned and organised various places in the house, which made no difference what so ever since my home is a complete and total mess. At this point i have to apologise for the mouthy rant-update-whining and move on to things that might be more interesting.
No matter how you started walking this path, whether it was a Cunningham or a Ravenwolf book or you learnt from your mom, aunt, girlfriend, boyfriend, a movie or a show at some point you have felt or will feel ready to make your own spell. This is the time where all the hard work you have done pays of. If you have a well rounded knowledge of the basics you are able to write your own spells and come up with your own rituals. They can be as elaborate as you want but at the beginning it is better to be as simple as possible.
If you do not know where to begin and what your first spell should be about, you can start with the elements. There are a lot of elemental spells out there, but with making your own, you will be able to attune yourself with them easier and quicker. You want it to rhyme, because it helps you connect. You want it to call on as many senses as possible for the same reason. I have noticed that as sensual the spell the more successful it is. You can concentrate on time and space especially if it is a full moon or a Sabbat, or if you are on sacred grounds. You can call on your ancestors if you come from a magical family or you feel one of them is by your side, protecting you. But most important of all you have to be very specific about the intent, otherwise you will not be able to connect. Let the words come from your heart and you will not fail. Let the wisdom of the Goddess and the God fill your soul. As always visualise and create clear thoughtforms.
Whether your spell is for protection, prosperity, luck, health, blessing or it is just a prayer let the words flow through you and the Gods will be with you. You are made of Them after all.
Brightest blessings,


Anonymous said...

I've been practicing for years and I'm kinda the opposite. I started out with formal Rituals and found them too forced for me. Now, I am very simple and almost never plan ahead. The spontaneous Rituals are almost always the ones that mean the most to me.

Great post Rosemary : )

apinkdreamer said...

wonderful post and so inspiring!!!!

Farmer Jen said...

I really enjoy your blog posts and want to learn more. I am half Greek so I am pleased to read a Greek Witch's blog!

Diandra said...

I hope you'll be feeling well again soon!

Spells are an interesting thing... at times I almost "forget" that such a thing exists, and at times I come up with spell after spell and cannot keep up with the speed of my witchy mind.

For me, handcrafted spells work best. That is why I usually end up sewing, stitching or making something from play-dough. I'm not at all good when it comes to these things, but they help me concentrate the energy. (And I never rhyme, but that's just because it makes me feel stupid, and I can't witch around when I feel stupid. ^^)

Magaly Guerrero said...

Hope you are feeling better and your throat/mouth has forgiven you ;-)

I spells in which I can put words and herbs; I guess, handcrafted ones like Diandra. I use a lot of storytelling and dancing for my spell work. I like to keep it personal, and a chanting my wishes in a story or dancing to the rhythm of my desires is as personal as it gets for me.

Danni said...

Hello my dear. I remember when I first started out on my path, at first I used a few spells from books but I've been happily writing my own or winging them as I go. I find spellcrafting to be a very fullfilling process.

I'm so glad you're interested in participating in the fairy blog party and I'm sure you'll come up with something absolutely lovely to share. It can be any little thing your heart desires even if it's just a quick story about the fairies who you prefer to work with, a spell or a bit of Greek Fairy related folk lore or stories (None of which I'm familiar with!)

Brightest Blessings!