This is the back garden..Please give me advice!

Hi friends. It is that time of the year. The soil is ready to get tended and bear new life. And I am at a loss.. So much information in my head. I want plants that are drought tolerant, I want them to have some sort of symmetry. And yet everything I plant seem to grow in a different way than that I intended... 

Let me show you what I am working with. This is the back garden the biggest of the two. It used to be a jungle before since it was abandoned for almost a decade.. Now it is a complete mess since we changed the roof and there are still roof tiles to be thrown out, we are fixing the fence and there are pieces of wood everywhere. 
We have installed wooden deck where it was a broken mosaic. In the garden all around there were lilies that I unearthed and replanted them around the edge of the deck...
They were growing beautifully but there was a weird snowstorm in Athens that took its toll on them so I had to cut them down a bit to allow them to flower again.
I have made a path made of stones. And I had planted lavender plants at the sides. But the snow killed a few since the plants were not used to these weather conditions and right before the snow we had an almost Summery weather so they were starting to flower. So I have to replace them.
There is a big orange tree right in front of the garden and right across my witch shed where I work..

On the side of my shed there is a huge night blooming jasmine tree that we build an arch for it to grow on. I did not have a chance to paint it white yet like the shed. Here you see my trampoline and an old air condition unit that are to be stored away. The place is a mess.. You also see the lamp under the arch because I still have not decided where its new place should be...
Right behind the night blooming jasmine is the garden water faucet(that can't be the right word,lol) and a huge Angelica tree that hangs over my shed. Also this is Spell one of the many cats that decided they live with us now.
I have tied together a few branches of a bergamot and a lemon tree here. Which would look much better if I pruned the rest of the trees to match the height.
At the edge of the garden I have installed a small goldfish pond which  weirdly enough the cats drink from but do not bother the fish.  Around the pond I have put a bunch of big stones that I picked from the park(and pulled my back doing so). But I still dont know how to hide the plastic edge of the pond.You can see the lattice fence that we have begun to install  all around. It will reach the bare wall that we have cleaned as much as possible from the really old ivy that I loved, but burried inside it were metal rods and garbage. It will grow back eventually, hopefully.

Here on the far left I have planted a few more tropical shade loving plants like ferns, and a bunch of other plants I can not name for the life of me.
And basically I am trying to make a creeping thyme ground cover. 
I am basically trying to find drought resistant (to both survive the greek Summer and be environmentally sound choices) plants that hopefully repel mosquitos, because we have a huge problem here most of the year.
With that in mind I have planted lavender, rosemary, a eucalyptus tree, melissa plant, and more..
As light features we have 5 big lamps as are seen in the picture about and we have 20 lanterns to be installed around the fence as we built it.
Please give me ideas. I  am about to order 50  more creeping thyme plants, but I would love to add color and bring the plants together in a coherent way. Also, if you know any chemical free solution for mosquitos that actually work. I have tried a solution of mouthwash, beer and epsom salts but it did not do anything..
You can not tell since I do not have in my phone the before pictures and there is a mess due to the restoration process but I have put a lot of work in the garden. Maybe I need professional help.. Lol besides therapy I mean...


Blast from the past...

 Greetings blog friends.. Are any of you here in the blogosphere still? How I 've missed you. Life has changed a lot since I have been here. We have moved to a small house with two yards filled with love and magic. Cats from around the world seem to find us and currently 7(!)of them are living with us.  Nefeli is 8 years old, in the second grade and thriving. I am not singing classical music anymore since my rai treatment that seemed to make my voice sound a bit tired and hoarse and it is not the same. I still have my practice in a beautiful garden shed. I am still a kick boxer at least when I will once again be allowed to be(ie. Covid restrictions in Greece is more of a huge turn away from democracy).I am  currently training into cognitive behavioral hypnotherapy which has been fascinating so far.  And magickally speaking my interests have widdened towards different healing processes, besides crystals, oils, and herbs. I am fascinated by the way sounds affect us. I am equally fascinated by EFT and anything concerning the central nervous system.. Once I finish my current training I want to either study Reiki or Chinese face reading. 

What about you? Is anyone still here? I am leaving this cosmic question into the void hoping it will reach you old friends... 

Be blessed, be loved, and be safe! 


Ding dong- the witch is home

Greetings my dearest blogfriends. How are you guys? Oh, how have I missed you! So, I have been busier than usual with the little witchling and dear husband, my fortune telling practice and my athletic endeavours. Some things had to go as in everything that even resembles a social life. There have been people that could not handle my lack of time, so distances were taken.These things are unfortunate but happen.
There has been an unforeseen development in my life. You see, as of lately I have been working 3+ hours(1 hour cardio to build endurance, 1 hour lifting weights to build strength and 1 hour kickboxing) during the workdays, trying to get better at kickboxing.  You might say I got a little goal oriented(cough, cough ..obsessed). And there has been talk of me entering a tournament. I do not know if this will ever take place, but to even be considered as an athlete by my coaches gave me such a sense of accomplishment. One day, I will seek a more rounded life, but for now I am thirstily enjoying the enormous pleasure of getting bitten up everyday and along the way making some guys not feel so great about themselves. I understand this might come off a bit man hating-ish, but I can not lie it gives me great pleasure to bit up men.  To all my male readers, I love you guys and forgive my unwarranted aggression, but you have to admit that when you watch a girl in a movie bitting up a guy, you inadvertently enjoy it. The idea of it , is  even kind of sexy, not the reality though, because there is a lot of grunting, panting and  sweat and saliva swinging around. Hmm, that sounded sexy as well, but once again just the idea of it, you have to take my word on that. Do you remember that guy from friends, not knowing when to give up, not great survival instincts?That's me now. You can officially call me Pete.

So, I will keep you updated on that front.
Moving on to more magical matters, I have been focused lately on health and strength spell casting. I invoke often Mars and Sun energies. Which, to think of it involves a lot of pentagram marking, blooding drawing and red candles lighting, so my practice has took a more traditional-hollywood kind of turn. This was a fun twist, but all my practice begins and ends always with my undieing devotion and love to Brighid.
Can you believe Ostara is almost here? The Wheel once again is turning, life once again is waking and with it our energy becomes more vivid , sparkly and happy. Oh, I can not wait!
So, to all of you be blessed, be vivid , be sparkly and be happy!


Talking to family ghosts and insanely long update..

Samhein blessings to all!! This was the first one that my little one really quite understood and celebrated. You see we dont celebrate halloween here in Greece, So the grim parts of it seemed to her confusing. But we did do a spell to connect with my dear dead grandma and offered her a piece of chocolate. She used to love dark chocolate... We also sang halloween songs, danced around and filled our bellies with chocolate. We had a grand time.
The Wheel is turning in a not so subtle way. I have witnessed  some beautiful colors on leaves, the skies turning grey, the air got chilly. And although I love the quickening of this majestic season I already miss the Sun.
Life seems more hectic but it feels as if I got the tempo of it. On weekdays after I leave Nefeli at preschool I go to the gym where I do steps while reading a book. Right now I am at Tolstoy's War and Peace, before that I read the adventures of Tom  Sawyer, before that Madame de Bovarie, before that Mrs Dalloway and so on. You see while I was trying to not aggrevate my back i exchanged running for doing stairs and it took me a while to realize I could read while doing my cardio... As you can probably imagine I am beyond excited. After I finish this wonderful process, i do a little bit of weights. I then return home for some yoga on the roof, some cooking and afterwards I work. Most of the afternoons I take Nefeli to our kickboxing practice and if we dont have practice we enjoy some cuddling time at home.. That little witch keeps amazing me every day..  Have I mentioned she had stiches?  She fell at school and when I finally got there to take her to the hospital I went all Cramer vs Cramer and kept running with her on my arms. The little bug scared me half to death.
 My husband has pretty much the same schedule minus the exercise and on opposite times and we spend very little time everyday together and I miss him a lot.
My back is much better, although my hip still clinks which means the tendon has not healed yet. Hormonally, I feel wonderful, I have a healthy metabolism now, I am almost at my target weight(7 kilos to go,) ,  I sleep well, the cold does not bother me, my hair and eyebrows are not falling.. It is weird but everything I went through feels distant and as if from a past life. I wish this happens some day soon with my back as well. The pain to be a thing of the past, something that used to be a part of my life in the past.. I feel i am getting closer. The supplements I am now taking is serrapeptase, curcumin, fish oil, magnesium, a multivitamin,  collagen and, ac vinegar. They worked... Despite their scary amount it is not a weird obsession of mine. These natural antiinflammatories worked... I circulate their intake. Yes, I have a system.. And it works, it got me off painkillers and muscle relaxants. Well, most of the time. Still, to this day the main goal I am working towards is to be free of back pain. It will be amazing if one day i get a more fun goal like a new diploma or something of that sort..
Be witchy, be lovely and have fun!


Witchcraft while stoned...

Greetings blogfriends. I missed you. My silence was caused by my return in a state of constant and unrelenting pain. It lasted a long time, the better part of five months to be exact and only recently it  has been that I begun to notice some improvement. Pain has a way to make fear and despair creep into your soul. Is this going to be the rest of my life? Have I caused something new and severe into my spine that means my everlasting suffering? As usual doctors did not help my state of mind. They wanted me to do a surgery, warning me about loss of mobility. Pfff.. But, some corticosteroids poured into my ass cheek, many hours of exercise, a bunch of pills and many chiropractic sessions later I have started to feel like my self again. All this because I picked my four year old daughter from the floor because she was crying. I have never done that in the past, but an arrogant voice inside me urged me to take her in my arms. I felt it the moment i did, but I did not realize how badly I was injured. It took me about two months before I knew this was not a regular spasm. The power of denial...
Well, I learned my lesson and I am very careful, I hope it sticks after I have completely healed.
On a magical note, my practice seems to grow. Although, there have been periods where the spells I cast were almost always the same, the need for a deeper connection drove me into new paths. I write new spells, I remembered some old ones and I even tried my hand with a cannabis, valerian root and
 passiflora tincture. It was an interesting experience, that when I will be given the chance (child free time) I look forward to repeating. I know it is controversial, and at this point I have to make clear that I do not recommend illegal drug use of any kind to anyone who might be reading this. Not only that but I believe that if your practice is consistent and strong getting an altered state of mind is easy and like everything else just '' muscle memory ''. But my tincture did get me there faster, and I was able to focus and isolate my inner voice easier. It was new to me because I had
 not even tried practicing witchcraft under the influence of alcohol, before that. Except for card readings, I have done that plenty of times. Especially, while young and heartbroken, which was never a great idea.
How about you dear blogfriends, have you ever tried drugs during your spiritual endeavors?


Save the bees, spread the word...

Greetings blogfriends. How are you doing?  I am worried.  These last couple of weeks everywhere I go I happen to see dead bees. At the beginning,  the witch in me took it as a bad omen.  Bad news and worry on the way, which came true.  But then the bees kept dieing.  I wanted to think it was the sudden changes in the weather or a coincidence.  But even if my experience was a fluke we all know that bees are dieing and the horrific things that this entails for our planet. I never use pesticides, I plant many flowers a year and I leave sugar water on leaves and flowers now and then. I try to buy organic except for when the money difference seems astronomical. But I thought,  if one of you reads this and leaves some sugar water out there,  or plants some seeds,  that it might make a difference for our little friends and so, here I am.
On a magical note,  bees are used in many love spells they represent a love that stings and makes the bound part obedient and willing to make sacrifices. They also represent  and are protected by the fae, so if you are using elemental magic always take care of them. Their coming over one's head means good luck and happiness. Honey is used in many spells to seal something with sweetness or abundance. Never kill a bee for a spell this will have repercussions.  Always,  seek them on the ground in autumn but make sure they are already dead and you played no part on their death.
So, dear witchfriends the next time you light a candle say a prayer for protection for them. They need all the help they can get


Me singing....

Greetings blogfriends. How have you been? I know I have been gone for way too long, but life has just been hectic. Between work,my workouts and spending time with our little family I found myself at times a bit drained. These last few days things finally felt like they began to slow down, so I hope I will recharge soon.I was  gone a while but  I came back to you guys with a treat , or at least I hope it is a treat. Me singing..It was the  first time in public after my health ordeal last year. I still hesitate to sing classical, but baby steps.
So, here is me warts and all(and by warts I mean me  saying the wrong lyrics at some point). I am playing with two of my dearest friends Kelly and Andreas in a municipal hall poetry night.It was very nice and we had a lot of fun. Sorry for the quality but it was not a great camera. I remember a few of you asking me to do vlogs in the past and me being self conscious about my English , so I feel kind of naked here. And if I start overthinking this, I will probably erase the whole thing, so I will say goodnight to you now.
As always, I love you all so much...