Saturn in Scorpio, my oh my!

Greetings blogfriends. How are you my lovelies? I was just snacking on a slice of bread with some cottage cheese and two very greedy souls(my dog and one of my cats) worked together to give me the saddest, most hungry looks you 've ever seen, and there goes my snack. Now i am hungry and pissed, because they had already eaten more than their share for the day, and yet my snack ended in their bellies! Well, of course it is also my fault for being such a push over!
Today is the day that Saturn starts its journey in Scorpio. For most that does n't mean much but since me and hubby are 28 years old (today is Petros's birthday),  it is time for the dreadful return. This means that it returns to the same point it was when we were born and means that some valuable lessons are to be learned. Whether it is with the easy or the hard way it is mostly up to us.
That being told Saturn in Scorpio is a hard one for all of us indeed. It makes us face our own mortality and it greately emphasises the cycle of  life, death and rebirth, in the spiritual or even in the physical way. This time we will also focus on our sexuality, our sexual identity and we have to really be careful for everything that has to do with sexual transmitted diseases. But at least the relationships in our life can breath again. Now that Scorpio has left Libra means that the relationships, especially the romantic ones, that survived are here to stay!
But, although Saturn in Scorpio may have a lot of uglies(!!!)  it also brings forth a lot of interest and fascination by the occult. Everything supernatural has a little bit more oomph to it. People born under this particular influence are very intuitive and very gifted in every metaphysical sense! Which means that some very lucky kids are about to be born and also that i am very awesome lol!
So, hold tight and prepare for the ride.
Be blessed, be loved and be very, very sexy!


Magaly Guerrero said...

I knew my see-through silk red dress was going to get some use these next few days. I will take your guidance and be sexy times three ;-)

Hindustanka said...

Liking the post... will think about these days now:)my husband is back from an official trip, so you can imagine how much i was missing him!:)
have a nice week ahead!

Shadow said...

i too, am liking this post. and i have a seriously soft spot for scorpio, maybe 'cause i'm one hee heee heee, so i'll take all the good and choose to ignore the bad.

And thank you for your candle, and your words, at this stage i'm willing the little guy better, and i know he'll feel your message too...

Fireblossom said...

I am the same way with my pets. They run me, and they know it!

I shall have to steer my favorite Scorpio over this way to read.

Shadow said...

sadly, yes. he's gone... what i wrote actually happened. at 3.33 am. the vet told me he passed on early this morning... thanks for caring.