Hi there! I really missed you. I have n't blogged for a while mainly because my laptop is in the living room hooked up with a bunch of cables so we can watch movies. It is not as easy using it as it used to be and also i had some problems with msn that kept me occupied.
As for the get of the broom challenge, i am glad to say that i keep on going and although i am currently down with a cold and pmsing i am still attending my kickbox practice 4 times a week(just not this week).
That being said, lets move on to witchy business. The most magical day of the year is fastly approaching and i can feel the veil getting thinner and thinner. Although i am taking a gazillion pills a day i have baked apple pie and banana bread muffins for the occasion and gave them as gifts. I am also planning on spending the halloween night with my husband, his younger brother and cousin who are very sweet kids and interested in the holiday. I will bake something for all of us to eat and then we will have a blessing for the witch's new year. We will read our cards and try to connect with our ancestral lines the best we can. So, i will not be carving the pumpkin alone this year, and i am very happy about it. I have done magic with other people before plenty of times, but i always celebrate these holidays by myself.
I was thinking of making my first runes this Samhain. Plus, i believe it is going to be an excellent gift for Yule for a few magical friends of mine. So maybe i will be making more than one set.
Samhain correspondences are colours black,orange, gold, brown and yellow, herbs cinnamon, sage, mandrake, saffron, lavender, eucalyptus, nettle and fruits apple, orange, pomegranade. We celebrate the Goddess's crone aspest, the wisest and more potent.
I hope you will have a lot of fun, cast many spells and do a lot of magic.
Be blessed, be loved and be ecstatically happy!


Soraya said...

Hope you have a blessed Samhain!
Working on mine. Preparing for it this weekend. Along with school work. x.x Lol
Hope things are going well! The runes sound like a wonderful idea!

angela said...

A blessed Samhain to you, here in the southern hemisphere we are celebrating Beltain. I am praying to the mother for a bountiful harvest and thanking her for all she has blessed us with this past year.

Anonymous said...

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